Scotland and Northern Ireland

All special/hazardous waste removed will need to be accompanied by Consignment Notes, with copies to be retained by yourselves and provided to SEPA/EHS (NI), and the appropriate fee for each collection paid to SEPA/EHS (NI) If you are in Northern Ireland, you will require confirmation of delivery of your hazardous waste to an appropriately authorised… Continue reading Scotland and Northern Ireland

Treatment of non – hazardous wastes prior to landfill

Under Landfill Regulations implemented across the United Kingdom (details and timings of Regulations differ in England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland), landfill sites will no longer be able to accept waste unless it has been pre-treated. This took effect in England, Wales and Northern Ireland from 30 October 2007 and in Scotland from 31… Continue reading Treatment of non – hazardous wastes prior to landfill

Hazardous and Special Waste

From 16th July 2005, The Hazardous Waste Regulations and The Hazardous Waste (Northern Ireland) Regulations 2005 replaced The Special Waste Regulations in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Special Waste (Amendment) Regulations 2004 had previously amended the Special Waste 1996 Regulations in Scotland. Certain clinical, medicinal & dental wastes are affected by the new Regulations.… Continue reading Hazardous and Special Waste

Free Washroom Consultation

It’s your washroom, just improved. Hygiene and cleanliness are the most important areas of any commercial washroom, and you may need advice on the best ways to keep your washroom safe and hygienic. With our free complimentary washroom consultations, our expert hygiene technicians will visit your facility and provide advice on how you can enhance your business’… Continue reading Free Washroom Consultation

5 Ways to Improve Washroom Design to Enhance the Experience

Washroom and Hygiene While your business’ washrooms may not be its shop window, they still have an impact on the whole customer experience and should reflect your brand image. Often, washrooms are the first or last interaction your customers’ have with your facility so the design, layout and choice of facilities and amenities will all impact… Continue reading 5 Ways to Improve Washroom Design to Enhance the Experience

Delivering total washroom management to hotel

Jurys Inn, a specialist city centre hotel group, was looking for a complete washroom management solution, so they turned to Citron Hygiene to help them maintain the high standards they set in their public washrooms. With 25 sites across the UK it was vital that we delivered perfect planning during the mobilisation process backed up… Continue reading Delivering total washroom management to hotel

Why Rent Your Mats?

Entrance Mat Rental Service   New mats actively trap dirt and grime, protecting your floors from wear and helping to keep your facility clean and pleasant. However, if they are not professionally laundered, the mat will quickly become ineffective. Renting a mat from Citron Hygiene makes sense, our lift and lay replacement service ensures your… Continue reading Why Rent Your Mats?

Run A Smarter, Greener Business with Citron Hygiene

It’s UK re-cycling week so what better time to remind our customers of our green hygiene solutions that reduce packaging, recycle where possible and minimise waste to landfill?

The importance of proper drug disposal

The improper disposal of waste pharmaceuticals is a source of both safety and environmental concerns.

It is vital to dispose of waste medication in the correct way to properly protect the environment, prevent them from being misused, and to protect curious children and pets. Medication should never be poured down the sink or flushed down the toilet.

Choosing the right office mats for your business

With winter fast approaching it is very important to provide the right floorcare solutions throughout your business to provide a safe environment for both staff and visitors to your premises. Wetter months mean that dirt and moisture can be brought into your building on the soles of people’s shoes, especially if appropriate commercial door mats… Continue reading Choosing the right office mats for your business