Urinal Care

Unlike a regular toilet, male urinal systems do not contain water at the time of their use. This places great importance on ensuring that your urinal hygiene solution is effective at keeping urinals hygienic and smelling fresh. designed and implemented to the best possible standards.

Urinal Hygiene Products

For many companies, the solution to urinal hygiene revolves around constantly flushing water through the urinals or using bleach. These are both ineffective methods of cleaning. Flushing wastes a large amount of water, increasing your company’s water bills unnecessarily and pouring bleach down urinals can kill good bacteria that actually combats the bad smells caused by bad bacteria, causing a lingering malodour.

Water and bleach are both inadequate hygiene solutions. If left untreated male urinal plumbing can become blocked due to the build-up of uric salts. This can lead to an unhygienic and malodorous washroom, meaning that you must take action and implement an effective urinal hygiene solution.  

Fortunately, Citron Hygiene are on hand with our intelligent approach to urinal care. We will offer the perfect solution for your washroom from our range of innovative urinal hygiene products. Our urinal products allow you to manage your water use efficiently and keep your male washrooms clean, hygienic and smelling fresh.

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