Urinal Screen Mat

Keep urinals fresh in male washrooms

Maintain hygiene standards in your male washrooms and give them that extra bit of sparkle with our high-quality Urinal Screen mats. The screen is made from a soft flexible material to ensure they will fit any urinal and are mango scented, keeping urinals fresh for up to 60 days.

Full Details

Scented urinal screens

Make sure you’re giving users of your washrooms a good impression of your facilities.  Available in cases of 12, this scented urinal screen makes use of friendly bacteria to target malodours, helping to keep your urinals smelling fresh. Another key purpose of the urinal screen is trapping debris such as chewing gum, that could otherwise lead to drain blockages and expensive repair bills. This in turn helps to reduce cleaning time. The urinal screen is also designed to minimise splash back ensuring a more pleasant washroom experience for users. In addition to the above benefits, the urinal screen provides protection against infection and works to eliminate cross contamination from E.Coli, Klebsiella and Staph that is commonly found in urinals. For full effect it’s recommended that the urinal screen is changed monthly.

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To ensure you deliver the most hygienic and pleasant washroom environment, why not explore our full range of urinal hygiene products. 

Technical Specifications

  • x12 urinal screens per case
  • Our Anti-Splash Urinal Screen with patent* technology, has brought unsurpassed value and benefits to thousands of public washrooms around the world.
  • Lasting Benefit - Powerful fragrances that last for over 60 days means more cost-savings for your business.