Washroom Vending Machines

Provide important necessities or emergency products for types of needs from nappies and toothpaste to pads and condoms.

Provide Convenient Washroom Necessities

Dispense a range of leading products and ensure that emergency items are available when washroom users need them.

Give Relief and Peace of Mind

Be a lifesaver and elevate your brand by leaving your washroom users with relief and peace of mind when they need it most.

Build Inclusive Spaces

Dispense essential items for all ages and personal needs regardless of what gender your washroom users are.

Durable and robust to keep all items safe, secure and free from contamination.

The Citron Hygiene range of vending machines dispense brand leading products for both female and male washrooms, as well as infant care changing products.

Our Hygiene Technicians will ensure that vendors are always fully stocked as part of our managed service programme. Customers also have the option of self-filling their vending machines with their chosen hygiene products. 

Our Washroom Vending Solutions

Washroom Vending

Reliable | Stress-free | Expert care

Our Citron Hygiene technicians will take care of it all, so you don’t have to!

  • Easy installation
  • Choose a flexible service schedule
  • Expect consistently maintained and clean machines
  • Never run out of refills

Common Questions

Yes. A ‘Customer own fill’ option is available for our 6 column washroom vending machine and male vending machine.

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