Water & Energy Saving

An ever-rising population is putting increasing pressure on UK water supplies. It is predicted that there will be a deficit of 3 billion litres of water per day by 2050 in the UK alone. Currently, 50% of water is used in industry and business, so it is very important for companies to take action to reduce their water and energy consumption.  

Reduce energy and water consumption in your business  

Reducing your business’ water and energy usage can help save precious resources benefitting the environment whilst saving your business a significant amount of money on its water and energy bills. Installing effective water and energy saving solutions is a cost-effective way to make your business more sustainable to ensure your company is doing what is required to meet its social and corporate responsibilities.  

Effective water management systems  

Implementing systems and products to use water more efficiently is an effective way to save energy and water. Citron Hygiene provide a range of innovative and highly effective washroom efficiency services that are specifically designed to save you both resources and money, whilst maintaining a clean, hygienic and efficient washroom for users.  

Save water 

Our intelligent water management solutions will reduce your business’ water usage. In an office environment over 90% of water is used for washing and flushing, meaning that if you want to save water, then the washroom is the best place to start. 

Citron Hygiene provide a number of water saving products for washrooms including the Actiflow Urinal Cartridge, Smart Water Meter and the Actiflush Water Saving System. All these products can be fitted by our Intelligent Water Management team with minimum disruption to your business.  

Save energy  

It is vitally important to provide hand drying solutions in your washrooms to prevent the spread of germs on damp hands. Old hand dryers are not only often ineffective at drying hands quickly, but can also use a lot of energy. Our range of energy efficient hand dryers are highly energy efficient, reducing electricity usage whilst drying hands in seconds.  

Save money on your bills with Citron Hygiene   

By managing water intelligently and reducing water usage this could equate to significant cost savings of up to 90% in your business.  

Use our water and energy saving calculator to find out how much you could save in your business or if you’re interested in finding out more about our services and products, then please contact us by using our enquiry form or call 08000 66 55 52 to speak to a member of our team who will be happy to discuss your washroom requirements.