Sanitary Bins Service

Citron Hygiene are an industry leading supplier of sanitary bins, offering reliable sanitary bin services to single and multi-site businesses across the UK. 

Managing Feminine Hygiene 

Feminine hygiene is no longer just a case of odour control. Managing sanitary hygiene demands much more, like minimising the spread of germs and providing stylish sani bin designs that maximise the limited space available in washroom cubicles as well as support your business' brand image. All individuals who use your business' washroom should feel confident to dispose of waste in a safe and hygienic manner no matter where they are too. This is where Citron Hygiene can support your business. 

Our Sanitary Waste Bins 

Citron Hygiene have developed a wide range of sanitary waste units to suit all washroom environments, with a full liner service. This ensures you can meet the needs of all your washroom users, adhere to legislation and deliver a great washroom experience.  Whether your washroom experiences low or high footfall or is restricted on space, we have a sanitary waste unit suitable for your business' needs. Our range of waste bins include space-saving hands-free units in various sizes to offer the most hygienic washroom environment that your staff and visitors will come to expect. All our sanitary bins offer both style and functionality, with a choice of colours available to match your brand and washroom décor. 

citron-hygeia-wall-mounted-feminine-hygiene-unit mini concept floor standing feminine hygiene unit

Hands Free Sanitary Waste Disposal Units

Sanitary disposal bins that offer touch free operation can provide an extra level of hygiene to users as there is a lower chance of cross contamination. Our modern Auto Hygiene Unit is operated by an touch free hand sensor and our standard hygiene unit is operated by a foot pedal. Both ideal hands free choices.

Stylish Feminine Hygiene Bins

The washroom should be an extension of your brand. This is why our range features modern sani bins that promise to complement your washroom and support your brand reputation.  Our latest innovation, the attractive Citron Hygeia is mounted off the floor with a range of custom wraps to choose from, available in Silver and Black. 

Sanitary Bin Collection & Disposal Services for Single to Multi-Site Locations 

For those companies looking to provide the most hygienic and environmentally friendly hygiene service we offer a liner exchange service. Managed by our fully trained hygiene technicians. our liver service gives you complete control and ownership of your units as they stay on your premises. As part of the service, our technicians will make sure your units look as good as new every time they attend your site to service the liner, whether you need 1 or 1000 units. 

Hygiene is Top Priority

Sanitary waste bins can harbour potentially harmful bacteria such as covid-19, HIV and Hepatitis B/C if not treated correctly. Our liner bags have special germ-killing properties and provide hygienic value. They are manufactured using a unique blend antimicrobial technology combined with fragrance providing protection against viruses such as E.coli and Staph.aureus (MRSA). The bags are tested against ISO standards with no harmful effects and are already widely used in food and medical industries.

Kind to the Environment

Our liner service is a fresh approach to hygiene servicing with an emphasis on improving efficiencies and protecting the environment. Providing a liner service reduces fuel waste as our technicians spend less time on the road whilst our liner service significantly reduces water usage – something that every business should be taking seriously.  

Discreet Service

Upon each visit, our trained hygiene technicians will remove your waste and keep your unit looking fresh and clean – replacing the liner each time safely and efficiently. Due to network of hygiene service centres across the UK, our hygiene technicians can reach your business no matter where it is based.

Start the Conversation Today 

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