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Protect Your Washroom Visitors

Provide safe, hygienic and inclusive sanitry bin options that remove exposure to infections and cross-contamination.


Provide Period
Dignity in Your Washroom

Join the growing movement to ensure that those who menstruate have what they need, when they need it the most.

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Reduce Maintenance Cost & Stress

Reduce plumbing costs and maintenance stress. From cleaning to sanitry waste collection, we take care of everything, so you don’t have to.


Our Sanitary Bin Services with On-Time Waste Collection & Disposal

Sanitary hygiene is no longer just a case of odour control. In today’s modern world, managing sanitary hygiene demands much more. From minimising the spread of germs to providing sanitary bins that maximise cubicle space, to supplying solutions that support menstruators away-from-home. Citron Hygiene has the solutions your business needs to manage sanitary hygiene properly. 

We have developed a wide range of sanitary bins to suit all washroom environments, with a full liner service. This ensures you can meet the needs of all your washroom users, adhere to legislation and deliver a great washroom experience.  Whether your washroom has low or high footfall or is restricted on space, we have a sanitary bin suitable for your business needs. We also offer a free-vend period product dispenser solution and eco-friendly sanitary bags as part of our sanitary hygiene range.

Sanitary Waste Disposal Bins

Citron Hygiene Aunt Flow Free Menstrual Product Dispenser Vendor

Support period dignity in your washroom

Provide free menstrual products to your staff & customers

Sanitary Product Bags

Our nationwide sanitary bin collection service

At Citron Hygiene, we benefit from the economies of scale of being a national company whilst retaining a true local presence. 

We have service centres located throughout the UK, so the chances are we will have one in close proximity to your offices, ensuring we can deliver an efficient and effective collection of your sanitary bin waste. 

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Sanitary bin collection & disposal - how does it work?

Sanitary waste disposal bins can become unhygienic and pose a serious risk to health if they are not properly maintained.  Bacteria can survive on hard surfaces, which means poorly maintained sanitary bins can become breeding grounds for harmful bacteria. 

We work with you to arrange a frequency of waste collection, which can depend on the number of bins, how often they are used and the typical foot traffic at your premises.  With our liner service, the bin remains on site but is safely and efficiently sanitised to the same standards as they would be if they were taken off-site, to look fresh and clean before inputting a fresh bin liner into the unit ready for use.

All our sanitary bins include an e-card, a natural-based germicide, which is proven to kill 99.999% of germs and have excellent antimicrobial efficacy ‘in use’ for at least 6 weeks.  This reduces the levels of harmful bacteria in the actual units and helps to control odours.

Reliable | Stress-free | Expert care

From installation to routine, reliable servicing, our Citron Hygiene technicians will take care of it all, so you don’t have to!

  • Choose a flexible service schedule
  • Expect consistently clean units
  • Control odours and infections with total disinfection
  • Rely on maintained and functioning units

Frequently asked questions

Sanitary hygiene refers to the physical, social, spatial and psychological resources, facilities, and products used to manage the collection of blood during menstruation and dignified disposal of sanitary materials.

Sanitary bins can harbour potentially harmful bacteria such as covid-19, HIV and Hepatitis B/C, if not treated correctly. Our Sanitary bins include an e-card, which is a natural anti-microbial product that eradicates bacteria that can enter and grow in a bin, while producing a pleasant fragrance in the surrounding environment. It protects operators and end users from any pathogenic bacteria and prevents any offensive odours from developing at the source.

Period poverty is a real and devastating issue faced by millions of menstruators worldwide. It describes inadequate access to menstrual products, hygiene facilities and menstrual health education. Providing free pads and tampons isn’t just supporting a basic human right, it’s a small price to pay for the comfort and dignity of employees, customers, students and visitors to public washrooms. From stained clothes, to lost work time, public embarrassment and serious health risks, the cost of period inequity can be, quite literally, life-threatening. Discover more information about why period products should be free.

Yes. Not only is sanitary waste one of the top causes of clogged toilets and blocked sewage pipes, it also contains blood borne pathogens. Proper collection and disposal of sanitary waste is critical to the health and safety of all people who visit, use, and service your washroom.

In the UK, the disposal of sanitary waste is governed by strict legislation to ensure it is done safely and hygienically. If you have menstruators as visitors or employees, the law states that you must provide adequate disposal facilities for the collection and disposal of waste. All the rules are outlined in The Workplace Regulations Act 1992, The Water Industries Act 1991 and The Environmental Protection Act. More details about sanitary bin services regulations can be found in this blog.

In most cases a sanitary bin can be opened by lifting the lid that is attached to the main waste bin. For the end user, opening a sanitary bin may be done in different ways depending on the unit design. This may include opening by hand with a pull level or many units now offer touch-free operation through a foot pedal or a sensor.

Sanitary waste bins over 7kg must be emptied by a licensed carrier. This ensures that all legislation is followed including completion of documentation which must be kept for a minimum of two years after collection. Depending on your washroom footfall, the frequency of how often they should be emptied can be agreed upon between your workplace and hygiene services provider. At Citron Hygiene, we provide an eco-friendly liner replacement service where our qualified technicians collect and replace your liner bags on a reliable service. pathogens. Proper collection and disposal of sanitary waste is critical to the health and safety of all people who visit, use, and service your washroom.

Waste from sanitary bins typically ends up in Landfill. However, the waste may also be treated through municipal incineration/energy from waste and other technologies if they are suitably permitted or licensed for this waste.


Citron Hygiene are actively exploring non-landfill treatment options as part of our plan to reduce our environmental impact and dispose of waste effectively and sustainably.

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