Personal Hygiene Services

Citron Hygiene are an industry leading supplier of personal hygiene bins and sanitary waste disposal services across the UK operating out of 7 local service centres.  

Managing Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is no longer just a case of odour control. Managing personal hygiene demands much more, like minimising the spread of germs and producing non gender specific hygiene unit designs that maximise the limited space available in washroom cubicles. In addition to this, tackling negative stigmas associated with personal hygiene should be taken seriously by all businesses. All individuals should feel confident to dispose of personal hygiene waste in a safe and hygienic manner no matter where they are.  

Our Personal Hygiene Units

Citron Hygiene provide a range of discreet and stylish personal hygiene units allowing personal hygiene waste to be disposed of in a safe manner. 

Hands Free Disposal Units

Personal Hygiene Units that offer touch free operation can provide an extra level of hygiene to users as there is a lower chance of cross contamination. Our modern Auto Hygiene Unit is operated by an touch free hand sensor and our standard hygiene unit is operated by a foot pedal. Both ideal hands free choices.

Stylish Hygiene Waste Units

Personal hygiene units have continued to develop over the years with it being more important than ever to design modern sani bins that complement a business’ individual washroom decor. Our latest innovation, the attractive Citron Hygeia is mounted off the floor with a range of custom wraps to choose from, available in Silver and Black. 

Hygiene Units Collection & Disposal Services  

For those companies looking to provide the most hygienic and environmentally friendly hygiene service we offer a liner exchange service. Our fully trained hygiene technicians will discreetly remove your waste and keep your unit looking fresh, clean and sanitised, whilst making sure the whole process runs smoothly.

For more information on our personal waste collection services and units, contact us using the form below.  

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