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Hygiene Services Provider in Rainham

Our Service Centre in Rainham provides hygiene services to business premises in East London. Citron Hygiene are experts in washroom care, clinical waste disposal, floorcare and water & energy saving services.

London is the economic hub for the whole of the United Kingdom, with a growing population and this means there is an increasing demand for hygiene services in the area to support local businesses.

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Why Rainham?

Rainham provides the ideal location for our team to service local businesses in surrounding areas quickly and efficiently. The Citron Hygiene team take part in high-quality training to ensure they have the expertise to deliver the highest possible standard of hygiene services.

Investment is being made in the East London area with a variety of different projects underway, including the London Riverside Project, which plans to build 10,000 new homes in the area by 2025. An increase in residents will help businesses to flourish and in turn will only serve to increase demand for hygiene services further.

Every business will require hygiene services to take care of their washroom, provide effective floorcare and to dispose of clinical waste. Maintaining exceptional hygiene standards can be a time-consuming process, but with Citron Hygiene the management responsibility is passed on to us. Make sure your business is giving the right impression to staff and visitors by investing in hygiene services and facilities management.


“The decision to open a service centre in Rainham allows us to deliver an even more efficient and effective hygiene service for Greater London. The demand for hygiene solutions and waste management is continuously growing in London and our East London based service centre allows us to offer a professional and streamlined service to our customers.”

Tracey Burgess

How to reach our Rainham Service Centre

Site Address:
Unit 13 Swift Business Park, Creek Way, Rainham RM13 8LE

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