Infant Care

Citron Hygiene provide safe, hygienic and dependable services for washrooms. As a business, it is important to provide for your customers by helping them care for their babies and young children. Our range of infant care products are designed to ensure safety and hygiene.

Infant Washroom Products

Life can be quite hectic these days, particularly for those with young children. Simple steps to make everyday tasks that little bit easier can make the world of difference. Providing baby changing facilities demonstrates a level of care and understanding for your visitor’s needs. Customers are more likely to return to your premises and recommend it to others if you have taken the steps to provide care for their children.

We provide a range of high quality infant products including infant changing tables, baby changing seats, nappy vending machines and nappy disposal units.

Citron Hygiene will install all products delivering a hassle-free solution that supports your brand.