Corporate Social Values

Advocating for Menstrual Equity and Period Dignity

We advocate for menstrual equity - the affordability, accessibility and safety of menstrual products and menstrual health education for all people.

Period dignity is a state in which menstruators can have and manage their periods without the shame and stigma that so many people face. With menstrual equity comes period dignity. Together with our Partners in Period Dignity, we create and maintain washrooms where menstruators can hygienically and easily access the products and sanitary disposal options they need while away from home.

Period dignity involves being able to:
  • Experience a period without stigma or shame
  • Easily access the period products that are needed
  • Safely and hygienically dispose of period products
  • Have access to proper hand-washing facilities
  • Participate fully in school, work and social activities regardless of menstruation
  • Create healthier communities

    Proud partners of Youth Sport Trust

    For every 10 Aunt Flow period products purchased, 1 is donated to Girls Active programmes across the UK.

    Our social values focus on three core initiatives:


    Combating period poverty


    Reducing environmental impact


    Supporting local communities

    It’s time to elevate the washroom experience for those who menstruate — period.

    Learn more about how we can help you create a period positive space in your business that is free from stigma, shame and barriers to accessing hygienic period products.

    The Menstrual Movement

    We are proud supporters of WASH United and Menstrual Hygiene Day. Year-round, WASH United works with partners to shed the stigma around periods, raise awareness about period poverty, and fundraise to continue their important work. Their goal? Create a world where no one is help back because they menstruate, by 2030.

    Girls Active - Youth Sport Trust

    Girls Active is an award-winning programme that develops partnerships between teachers and girls working together to understand what makes girls fully engage in PE, sport and physical activity to then provide and sell inspiring and relevant opportunities for all girls.

    ISSA End Period Poverty Campaign

    Citron Hygiene is a proud sponsor of the ISSA End Period Poverty campaign. This initiative advocates for public policies that increase access to free period products, and ensure period dignity for menstruators through adequate disposal solutions in washrooms everywhere.

    Building Inclusive Washrooms

    Should Period Products be Treated as Luxury Items?

    The washroom is one of the most used spaces in any facility. So why aren’t they more inclusive?

    Toilet paper, paper towels, and soap are regarded as restroom necessities as they cater to the normal biological process of having to use the restroom. It’s why in many places, having those items is mandated by law. Menstrual products like pads and tampons serve a similar biological need, yet are treated as luxury items and are rarely freely available in public restrooms.

    Not all menstruators Identify as Women

    Not all women menstruate, and not all menstruators identify as women. It’s important to remember this fact and consider if your hygiene programs are impacting everyone equally.

    Are you only providing menstrual disposal in the women’s restrooms? Do non-female identifying menstruators have access to period products in case of an unexpected period? With over 2/3 of transgender people avoiding public restrooms in fear of their safety, ensuring you are providing a safe and discreet way for people to dispose of their menstrual products is the right thing to do.

    washroom hygeia
    women using aunt flow vending machine

    Creating Inclusive Washrooms

    In addition to creating equal access to menstrual hygiene, we help businesses support families of all kinds and washroom users of all ages with infant care products and services for men’s washrooms and adult incontinence disposal bins inside the stall for the one in four people who suffer from urinary incontinence.

    Reducing Environmental Impact

    We minimise our impact - on the environment through our products, services, and business practices.

    We provide sustainable products and services, such as our Intelligent Water Management system, that helps reduce waste of scarce resources such as fresh water and electricity, cut carbon emissions through our electric vehicle fleet, and safeguard the natural environment.

    Our respect for the environment is deeply embedded in our company practices and in the services and products we deliver.

    Our goal is to be a leader in the area of sustainability and environmental responsibility for our industry and to help the businesses we serve be leaders in theirs.


    We take conscious steps to reduce the impact our products and solutions have on the environment. Some notable examples include:

    • Our automatic touchless restroom solutions are designed with the environment in mind: boxless refills reduce packaging waste by 70% and innovative technology extends battery life to 3 years.
    • We only supply eco-friendly hand dryers to businesses as they require very little maintenance and they can help reduce energy consumption costs by 80%

    Learn more about our entire range of eco-friendly restroom solutions, and how you can improve efficiency and reduce costs in your business - without compromising on quality.

    Sustainability and Our Corporate Governance

    In addition to complying with all applicable environmental regulations and laws, we commit to:

    • Minimizing, mitigating and restoring adverse environmental impacts caused by our operations
    • Educating and encouraging employees to be accountable for environmental stewardship
    • Promoting efficient use of energy and natural resources through energy management programs
    • Forging strategic partnerships with vendors that share our environmental principles
    • Maintaining open communication regarding energy and environmental issues
    • Continually evaluating our environmental performance and improving our practices

    Innovative Waste Management Programs

    It’s hugely important to us that the design of our service programs, products and internal processes reflect our respect for the environment with the aim to help businesses create healthier and safer spaces. In turn, we have created four innovative waste management programs to ensure we are recycling and disposing of waste in an effective, sustainable way.

    Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Build a Healthier Future for Generations to Come

    Businesses have a greater responsibility now more than ever before to do what they can and take significant steps to work towards a more sustainable and inclusive future.

    By partnering with Citron Hygiene you can be rest assured that as a business, you are contributing positively to the environment, while building healthier and more inclusive spaces.

    Get in touch with our team to learn more about our range of efficient, eco-friendly solutions and how we can work together to build sustainable communities.


    Supporting local communities

    We are committed to key areas that positively influence social value - these include working with our local communities to improve skills and helping employ more local people, especially from disadvantaged backgrounds.

    Our employees are empowered to give back to their local communities as part of their work at Citron Hygiene. Outcomes are measured, monitored, and independently verified in the nationally recognised TOMS Network.

    Find out how we can help elevate your washroom experience. Talk to us.

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