Hand Dryers

With greater awareness of the presence of germs and the spread of bacteria on contact, it is more important than ever to ensure you are doing all you can to safeguard the wellbeing of people on your premises. A clean and efficient washroom promotes healthier hand care routines which, in turn minimises the potential for cross contamination and reduces the risk of illness.

Benefits of Commercial Hand Dryers

Wet or damp hands spread bacteria rapidly. In environments where people can be vulnerable to infection, washing and drying hands correctly can literally save lives. We offer a full range of hand drying solutions, all of which are managed by Citron Hygiene, the most important are: automatic hand dryers and Airjet hand dryers. Just as importantly, our hand dryers are kind to the environment as well as to your hands.

Electric Hand Dryer 

The electric hand dryer has developed a lot over the last few years, with significant improvements in the technology used to power them. Modern electric hand dryers use very little electricity, making them ultra-efficient, as well as being very effective at hand drying. Citron Hygiene provides a range of effective electric hand dryers, including the Eco Hand Dryer which uses just 900W of electricity and takes just 10 seconds to dry hands.

Automatic Hand Drier 

Using an automatic hand dryer is more hygienic than variations that use buttons, as it reduces peoples contact with hard surfaces. This is important when you consider that viruses can survive on hard surfaces for a number of hours. The Citron Air Rapide is an excellent example of an effective automatic hand dryer. It is ideal for commercial washrooms where usage rate is high and is able to dry hands in just 13 seconds. 


Airjet hand dryers can deliver a fast and powerful hand drying experience. The Citron Airjet Hand Dryer dries hands in just 10 seconds and operates from only 550W making it extremely efficient. Sensors will automatically detect when you place your hands in the dryer, quickly delivering a jet of warm air to dry hands. 

Eco-Friendly Hand Drying

All of our hand dryers have been developed using technology to make them as environmentally friendly as possible. Efficient, eco-friendly hand dryers can save your business money, as well as delivering a highly effective dry. If your washroom is currently fitted with old, ineffective hand dryers then you should consider replacing them with more modern, efficient models. Doing this will help save your business money, as well as benefiting the environment. 

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