Commercial Hand Dryers

The importance of a clean and hygienic washroom has never been so clear. Hand drying facilities are an essential part of a clean and hygienic workplace environment, helping to safeguard the health of staff and visitors, as well as promote healthy hand care routines. Good hand sanitation practices help to minimise the potential for cross contamination and reduces the risk of illness.

In addition to providing soap and sanitiser, it is essential for businesses to provide hygienic commercial hand dryers, as dry hands play a critical part in reducing the spread of infection. 

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Wet or damp hands spread bacteria rapidly. In environments where people can be vulnerable to infection, washing and drying hands correctly can literally save lives. We offer a full range of hand drying solutions, all of which are managed by Citron Hygiene, including automatic and ‘hands in’ dryers. Just as importantly, our hand dryers are kind to the environment as well as to your hands.

Suppliers of Hand Dryers from Leading Brands Including Dyson & Velair 

We supply commercial hand dryers from innovative and trusted brands such as Dyson and Velair with cost-effective options to suit every business’ budget and demand. We have carefully selected these suppliers and their hand dryers as they are stylish, best in class hand dryers without compromising on functionality. 

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Eco-Friendly Workplace Hand Drying 

All our commercial hand dryers have been developed using the latest, innovative technology to make them as environmentally friendly as possible. Efficient, eco-friendly hand dryers can save your business money, as well as delivering a highly effective drying method. The Citron 3D Smart Dry is just one example of a hand dryer that has been designed with the environment in mind as it cleverly adjusts to the air temperature in the surrounding environment to reduce the energy used. Speed is critical too and all are hand dryers, dry hands quickly to maintain the flow of traffic in your washroom and encourage use.

Upgrade Your Hand Dryers with Citron Hygiene 

If your washroom is currently fitted with old, ineffective hand dryers then you should consider replacing them with more modern, efficient models. Doing this will help save your business money, as well as benefiting the environment. With a broad range of hand dryers to choose from, get in touch with our expert team to find out which type may be most suitable to your business’ needs. 

Alternatively, take a look at our guide to buying a commercial hand dryer which covers what factors you mayneed to consider when choosing hand dryers for your facilities' washroom.

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Everything you need to know when choosing a Hand Dryer.

Find the Right Commercial Hand Dryer for Your Business from Our Range 

Citron Hygiene offer a range of high-quality hand dryers to suit every commercial environment. We supply to businesses of all shapes and sizes across the UK, from world-renowned Dyson Airblade models to the ultra-efficient Citron Pebble, we have a commercial hand dryer to suit your washroom.