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Elevating and upgrading your washroom hygiene will have a direct positive impact on your company. When it comes to your workplace – reducing the spread of bacteria and providing inclusive, welcoming washroom spaces has a direct impact on productivity and employee happiness. When it comes to your business – 60 percent of people are more likely to spend more cash at a business with clean, well-maintained restrooms. And, there are more stats and research that show the cost savings proper washroom hygiene solutions have when it comes to mitigating risks, plumbing problems, lost work time and more.

If you need research, stats or case studies to help you choose the right solutions for your business,get in touch.

We work to create customized service solutions for each of our clients based on their needs, footfall and budget. We offer different service frequencies so businesses can select the one that works best for them. Standard service frequencies are weekly, every 14 days, every 28 days, and every 56 days. Customers with various locations can select different frequencies for each building. Frequencies can be adjusted as needed.

There is a 30 minute turn-around time before occupants can re-enter a space after a Professional Disinfection treatment is done. For more service details, contact us.

To select the right washroom hygiene solutions for your business, start with identifying your goals. Are you looking to stop the spread of colds and flus? Do you want to prevent plumbing problems? Are you looking to mitigate bad bathroom behaviours from even happening in the first place? After you have a good idea of the goals you are trying to achieve, we then recommend you consider the square footage and overall footfall and washroom traffic your restroom sees.

Our solutions provide different sizes and services that fit a range of business needs and budgets. Get in touch with us and we would be more than happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation washroom consultation.

One of the number one reasons for clogged pipes in commercial washrooms is from pads and tampons being flushed down the toilet. This occurs when unhygienic or undignified disposal options are provided, or worse yet, when there isn’t a place to dispose of used menstrual products. Used menstrual waste also contains blood-borne pathogens, and it’s important to protect those who use your washroom, and those who service it, with the proper menstrual hygiene waste disposal unit. Every washroom stall should contain a menstrual hygiene disposal unit. Look for disposal units that are designed to safely and securely contain pads and tampons, eliminate odors, and contain germicide like Actiwipe™ to minimize risks of cross contamination/infection.


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