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Hygiene Solutions in Birmingham & the West Midlands

Located in Kings Norton, Citron Hygiene are suppliers of washroom hygiene products and services to businesses in and around Birmingham and across the West Midlands, including Walsall, Wolverhampton, Worcester, Dudley, Sandwell, Solihull, Sutton Coldfield and Coventry.


About Citron Hygiene Birmingham

Faye Turnbull, Service Centre Manager, Kings Norton

“My team and I are proud of the service and products we offer from Kings Norton and work with a continuous improvement mindset; always looking to improve how we do things and to ensure we strive to be Best in Class.”

Jayne Westley, Facilities and H&S Manager commented:

"Their Account Manager, is diligent and manages the account at a very high level, quick to respond to any issues."

Birmingham, the second biggest city in England

The 18th century saw the growth of Birmingham as a major English city with the Industrial revolution. It earned its place on the world map with a series of innovations in science, technology and economic development: the industrial steam engine was invented in Birmingham.

Today, the city is an international commercial & conference hub. It’s the second largest economy in the UK after London and welcomes people from around the world in the National Exhibition Centre (NEC). It’s also a major transport hub for car, rail and air travel due to its central location. England’s major motorways cross the city and if you’re looking for adventure, you’ll enjoy going through the famous Spaghetti Junction at Gravely Hill.

The city is also famous for its cultural diversity with the ‘Balti Triangle’ where Asian cuisine and fashion come together. On the music scene, heavy metal music and modern bhangra were both born in Birmingham and many famous bands come from the area such as Duran Duran or Ozzy Osbourne.

How to reach our Birmingham Service Centre

Site Address:
Units 10, 12 Castle Rd, King's Norton, Birmingham B30 3HZ

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