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See how much money you could be saving in your washroom by switching from Paper Towels to the Pebble+ Hand Dryer. 

Tell us about the current usage in your washroom. Use the grid below as a guide for typical daily usage:

< 50 uses

Cafes, small to medium restaurants, small businesses/offices with 15 employees or less

< 250 uses

Large restaurants, medium businesses/offices, department stores with 60 employees or less

< 500 uses

Small to medium schools, theatres, large businesses/offices with 120 employees or less

< 2,500 uses

Colleges/universities, airports, stadiums/arenas, office buildings with 600 employees or less

Based on number of people in the building


This is an estimated calculation of how much you could potentially save by switching to the Pebble+


Up to***
Based on usage, the industry-standard cost of paper towel and energy used





* Industry standard of 4 uses/day for paper towel dispenser per person at 0.021 cost per dry for a year (365 days)
** Hand dryer cost calculation: Cost per dry = Hand dryer KW 0.72 x (Energy cost KW/h 0.15 
÷ Number of seconds in an hour 3600) x Hand drying time 12 seconds
*** The carbon emissions used in this calculator are based on the industry average of paper towel usage vs high-efficiency hand dryers' energy use like the Pebble. 
Emission figures sourced from New Scientist June 2019 article
This is an estimate, values may vary. 


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