Why Rent Your Mats?

Citron Hygiene floor mat

Entrance Mat Rental Service


New mats actively trap dirt and grime, protecting your floors from wear and helping to keep your facility clean and pleasant. However, if they are not professionally laundered, the mat will quickly become ineffective. Renting a mat from Citron Hygiene makes sense, our lift and lay replacement service ensures your mats are changed on a regular basis, meaning your floors are clean, safe and protected from wear and tear. 

Benefits of a Mat Rental Service

Vacuuming a mat only removes 10% of dirt, it is much more beneficial to rent mats and have them professionally laundered. Citron Hygiene provides a range of mats for reception areas, kitchens, or any other area where dust and dirt may be a potential problem. With an increased focus on Health & Safety and slips trips and falls, it is more important than ever that your mats are performing to their highest standard and not just a potential hazard waiting to happen.

Old mats can become a trip hazard as they get worn and bent out of shape. In winter most companies spread grit and salt right outside the front door, which is then promptly walked straight into the building causing untold damage to expensive floors. With Citron Hygiene’s lift and lay service the dirty mats are replaced by clean fresh laundered, on a regular basis to ensure maximum effectiveness and reducing the cost of cleaning floors. What’s more, all our end-of-life mats are now recycled, that’s just part of how Citron Hygiene helps improve the environment.

Mat technology has come a long way recently. Have a look at the options available from Citron Hygiene:

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