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Creating a family-friendly environment is about more than menu provisions or the occasional colouring book. Family-friendly businesses consider every element of their business and how it can appeal to guests of all ages. Families want to be able to go out and enjoy their free time together without worrying about the provision of facilities for all family members, including the very youngest. Businesses that consider themselves family-friendly, therefore, must assess their offering against what people want. If your business has zero-child friendly facilities, parents and families may not even visit your premises. But, if you deliver a high-quality and caring family-friendly experience, you can expect:

·       Recommendations to their wider friends and family groups
·       Reduced complaints
·       Less stress and discomfort for your visitors

Businesses often consider infant changing facilities and the design of your washroom an afterthought. Washrooms need to be as family-friendly as every other part of your business to avoid missing out on potential customers, and here we’re looking at how you can ensure your space is suitable.

Caring for infants with washroom baby changing facilities

Parents are understandably anxious about finding places to visit with adequate facilities for their youngest children. Organisations such as the NCT have even developed apps that focus in on the quality of baby changing facilities, so if you’re not sure if your business is up to scratch, review what organisations such as these are recommending.

Nappy bins

Nappy bins should be installed in all infant changing spaces. Your guests need somewhere to get rid of used nappies. Many parents have unfortunately been in the situation where they’ve had to store used nappies in their bag, which never leaves a good impression. Nappy bins are inexpensive and make it easy for parents and carers to quickly dispose of used nappies. Furthermore, nappy bins are designed with odour neutralising linings, ensuring there is no risk of unpleasant odours spreading into the wider changing space.

No parent should have to worry about where they can dispose of a used nappy in any environment describing itself as family-friendly.

Baby changing tables & seats

A safe and secure place to change babies and toddlers is also vital to maintain hygiene standards. Most parents carry a changing mat in their bag to ensure their baby is being laid on a hygienic surface, but parents should never be forced to use this on a washroom floor or an unsuitable bench or table surface. Washrooms should be outfitted with a dedicated infant changing table for health and safety purposes.

There are both fold-out infant changing tables and baby changing seats that ensure comfort and security for the child and ease of use for the parent. Most baby changing products can be folded away when not in use to maximise space too. For security, straps can help give parents peace of mind as they help ensure the infant remains secure while being changed. Changing units are also provided with signage to make it clear no child should be left unattended on the changing table or seat, so make sure this is visible too.

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Nappy vending solutions

The amount of stuff parents need to take out with them when they have young children can be overwhelming. Understandably, things can get lost or forgotten, and family-friendly businesses should do all they can to help in these situations. Nappy vending machines ensure parents and carers have quick and convenient access to disposable nappies in an emergency. This will be hugely appreciated by any parents in a sticky situation. It also helps promote your position as a company that cares about all family members.

Hand dryers & Hand washing stations

Have you ever considered the height and position of your hand dryers and sinks for washing after using the washroom? It’s becoming much more common for family-friendly businesses to include a lowered basin and hand dryer to allow for younger family members to easily access the facilities. Encouraging younger guests to wash and dry themselves promotes independence, and means parents don’t have to struggle lifting older children up to the sink.

Provide baby changing facilities in all washrooms

“Not enough space” is often given as a reason for not providing adequate baby changing facilities. However, this simply isn’t true in most instances. As we’ve already discussed, most changing tables and seats are wall-mounted and fold away. This means they can be easily installed in any washroom. It also removes the discrimination for single parents and male parents and carers, who often find no changing facility in the male washroom space. Providing baby changing facilities in all washrooms means no family needs to feel uncomfortable or stressed when using a public toilet.

Other ways you can provide a great experience for families

A great washroom is only one element of your family-friendly focus. As washroom hygiene providers, this is our focus, but there are many ways your organisation can show its support for families. Additional facilities such as quiet spaces for breast and bottle feeding and entertainment tactics such as colouring books and games to keep younger guests occupied will be appreciated.

Any organisation committed to a family-friendly approach must look at all areas of their business and find ways to go the extra mile for every family member, including the youngest ones.

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