Why We Love Hygiene (and why you should, too!)

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Hygiene services are often overlooked when it comes to service procurement. After all, hygiene has to compete with the heavy-hitters like IT that often consume a huge percentage of the procurement budget. Instead of regarding hygiene services as a cost you simply can’t avoid, we want to show you how smarter hygiene choices can lead to real cost savings for your business.

Better still, saving money on hygiene can help free up precious budget for other functions and services. In fact, we’re convinced that if more businesses realised just how much money they could potentially save, they’d love hygiene just as much as we do!

What are these smart hygiene choices & how do they save your business money?

Protect Your Staff

There’s the undeniable proof that a clean and healthy workplace has a positive influence on productivity and morale. Having pride in one’s work environment has an important effect on how we feel about our jobs and our employers.  After all, who wants to invite a prospective customer into a dirty, grubby and unhygienic office? Quick and handy solutions, such as deskwipes are an easy way for staff to keep their own workspace clean. Definitely a bonus during the winter season of coughs and colds!

And if your employees are actively going out of their way to avoid workplace washrooms (something many people confess to, if recent surveys are anything to go by), by investing in washroom products that help stop the spread of germs, you will be protecting your most important asset: your staff.

Save Energy

Many of the cost-saving solutions are so discreet that no-one would ever know that they are saving your business money every time they are used.  For example, our water-saving solutions can actually save you up to 90% on your water bill. The Actiflow urinal cartridge system requires much less water whilst killing bacteria and breaking down uric salts to keep the pipework flowing freely preventing costly maintenance bills. You benefit from reduced water bills, your washroom users benefit from clean and hygienic urinals and the environment benefits from reduced water consumption. What’s not to love?

Energy savings are a key area when it comes to hygiene services and, again, Citron Hygiene has a host of washroom solutions that benefit from clever technology, such as the Eco-Dryer which is both compact and economical to run, using just 900W of energy to dry hands in just 10 seconds.

Facilities Management

We know that customer service can sometimes suffer when companies strive to deliver the lowest cost options to their customers. At Citron Hygiene, we don’t cut corners when it comes to great customer care. We make sure our customers can speak to someone who understands their unique business challenges, whether you’re a small new start-up or a large established company.

We offer a dedicated team of support to help you with your specific industry and business requirements, so you will always have a reliable source of help and information within easy reach. If we think there’s a way to save you money, we will be delighted to advise you. If you’re a small business and need a quick and fuss-free guide to your hygiene procurement, our self-survey app is also a handy way to double check you’re not wasting money by over-ordering, for example.

Save Time and Money

So, next time you are looking at your hygiene contract, ask yourself whether there could be a smarter way of doing business. With many potential savings at your fingertips, isn’t time you started loving hygiene too?

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