5 Ways to Improve Washroom Design to Enhance the Experience


Washroom and Hygiene

While your business’ washrooms may not be its shop window, they still have an impact on the whole customer experience and should reflect your brand image. Often, washrooms are the first or last interaction your customers’ have with your facility so the design, layout and choice of facilities and amenities will all impact the overall experience.

Improving your business’ washroom experience doesn’t necessarily mean you need to renovate or redesign; there are some simple ways to elevate standards in your commercial washroom.

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Design your washroom to elevate the customer experience

Creating a space that is easy to use, well laid out and gives your customers a great impression of your business should be a priority. These five methods will help you create better washroom experiences for all visitors to your business:

1. Keep your commercial washroom clean and hygienic

Cleanliness and hygiene are vital components of a positive public washroom experience. Customers will associate the cleanliness of your washroom with other elements of your business. For example, restaurant customers will associate the washroom’s cleanliness and hygiene standards with the kitchen’s hygiene. In shopping centres, customers are much more likely to leave quickly if the washroom standards are poor.

Regular checks of the washroom should also be organised to ensure everything is working properly and there is no toilet paper or soap shortage. It is also important to consider the layout and design of your washroom, ensuring toilet facilities are easy to access and well-placed to prevent cross contamination. Toilet roll holders are a must as loose rolls on shelves or the floor are both a health hazard and a clear sign of a poorly designed washroom.

2. Consider lighting and colours

Bright fluorescent lighting has been the standard in commercial washrooms, but it doesn’t create the best atmosphere. It can also be expensive. Softer, more energy-efficient lighting is a better option, and you can pair your choice of lighting with soft, neutral tones for the walls and tiling. Bold and bright colours may be in keeping with your brand’s identity, so if you choose colour, ensure that it isn’t too overpowering in this small space.

3. Invest in effective washroom products

If your business wants to stand out as really caring for your customers whilst also benefiting your bottom line, investing in innovative washroom products will help. Eco-friendly hand dryers will cut your electricity costs, and automatic soap dispensers that utilise touch-free technology minimise waste by dispensing the exact amount each washroom user needs.

Choosing touch-free washroom products can also add peace of mind when it comes to hygiene as they minimise touch points for people using the facilities.

4. Provide sufficient facilities for female washroom users

It is a legal requirement in the UK to provide female washroom users with appropriate facilities to dispose of sanitary waste. Beyond this, it’s a basic standard you should want for your customers and employees too. Investing in the right number of sanitary bins ensures you provide women with complete peace of mind when utilising your washroom. It is also important to consider the best products for your washroom design, as cramped cubicles lead to uncomfortable and even stressful experiences. Consider your sanitary bin provision in line with your cubicle dimensions, opting for wall-mounted units for smaller cubicles and floor-standing bins in larger spaces.

Many companies are also going one step further and providing free sanitary products to support those who menstruate in emergency situations and without prejudice. Our Aunt Flow Menstrual Hygiene Products Vending Machine ensures access to tampons and sanitary pads, and is a thoughtful and well-appreciated addition to any washroom.

5. Provide accessible facilities

There are 14 million people in the UK with a disability, and access to washrooms and toilets should be as easy for them as anybody else. Business owners committed to an improved customer experience will consider the differing needs of their customers too. Accessible facilities can mean separate toilets for disabled people, with the necessary handles and support equipment to aid disabled customers. You could also consider the importance of a private and safe washroom for people with incontinence issues, providing safe units for disposal of incontinence waste too.

Accessible features can also mean considering families’ needs and designing your washrooms for customers of all ages. Something as simple as lowering a sink or two can help leave a really positive impression and shows your customers you care.

Keep in mind that the design and layout of your washroom can affect accessibility. Hand dryers, sinks and other fixtures should be positioned away from entrances and cubicles to maintain the flow of people, and encourage use of the facilities. For example, people may leave without drying their hands if hand dryers cannot easily be reached or, if there’s a long line of people waiting to use them. This can lead to a poor washroom experience and not to mention, unhygienic too. Doorways should always be kept clear so people can easily and quickly enter or exit the washroom.

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