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Hygienic working environments have become a priority like never before since the Coronavirus pandemic took hold in 2020. Businesses are coming to understand the real importance of providing safe, hygiene-first working environments for their employees and visitors. Hygiene doesn’t stop at hand sanitiser and cleaning rotas; it should be built into your company culture and reach all areas of your business including washrooms and even the quality of the air. Commercial air purifiers are an effective addition to any washroom. They come with many benefits and give you the chance to add another layer of cleanliness and quality to your washroom experience.

What are commercial air purifiers?

Commercial air purifiers use the latest technologies to remove hazards from the air. They improve the quality of the air in your washrooms through the elimination of all kinds of unwanted nasties such as dust, allergens, bacteria, viruses and volatile organic compounds. They are becoming more commonplace in business environments as they do more than standard air freshening products.

What is the difference between a commercial air purifier and air freshener?

Commercial air fresheners serve a valuable purpose in any washroom, especially as they can be smelly places. They can cover bad smells by emitting a fragrance that replaces them with a more pleasant and enjoyable scent. Sometimes air fresheners can remove germs and microbes from the air, but only to a certain extent. Commercial air purifiers, on the other hand, are designed to filter out the smallest pollutants and allergens for maximising indoor air quality.

Fitting your washroom with both air purification and air freshening products will ensure top levels of hygiene and a fresh-smelling washroom.

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Benefits of Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are a great addition to any business washroom due to the following key benefits:

Improved employee and workplace productivity

Healthier employees can focus on their work better. Sick days become less common and productivity levels can increase. Workers will thrive in a healthy and hygienic work environment. Individuals who suffer from allergies such as hay fever will appreciate a more comfortable workplace. Higher levels of productivity and more people in work getting on with their tasks is better for your business’ budget too.

Reduced employee absenteeism

Employees exposed to airborne bacteria and germs can easily catch common viruses and illnesses. Air purifiers work to minimise the spread of all airborne hazards and create high indoor air quality levels. This means less absenteeism due to sickness brought on airborne health hazards.

Sick days are a real problem for many organisations, and this usually increases when colder weather sets in and seasonal flu comes into full force. Winter colds and flu spread easily in workplaces so doing all you can to combat their impact is vital to keep operations running smoothly. Air purifiers will reduce flu virus and other particles in the air.

Improve indoor air quality & feature HEPA filters

The nature of modern life means people in the UK spend up to 90% of their time indoors. Consequently, indoor air quality is even more important than outdoor. Humans breathe in an astonishing 2,000 gallons of air per day, so the air we breathe at work and at home needs to be as clean as possible to stay healthy. Commercial air purifiers in your washrooms promote and create better indoor air quality. Many purifiers also feature HEPA filters, otherwise known as high-efficiency particulate air filters that are an essential part of the filtration process. They have also been found to remove more than 99.9% of particles within the air, with the capability to remove even the smallest ones.

Mould and mildew prevention

Moulds and mildew typically build up in damp areas and washrooms are often the most likely place in business premises. Humidity, moisture and air flow problems need to be dealt with properly, but you can also minimise the impact of the problem in the short-term with a commercial air purifier. Improving your indoor environment can prevent the development of mould and stop the spores spreading through the air.

Allergy relief

Allergies are the most common chronic disease across Europe. Allergy sufferers often deal with constant illness throughout allergy season, and even with year-round indoor allergens. Some allergies are even more severe and can induce very serious reactions. An air purification system works to combat any unwanted particles in the atmosphere, including common allergens such as pollen and dust, giving people a better quality of life and some relief from their symptoms.

Choosing the right washroom air purifier for your business

The right air purifier for your washroom will depend on a range of factors. You will need to consider:
·       Size of the space
·       Air pollution level (if you have access to this information)
·       Budget
·       Number of units needed

If you have several washrooms, you will need to consider investing in commercial air purifiers for each room to ensure the same standard of experience for all users. The requirements for your business may differ dependent on the industry you operate in. Many businesses combine air purifiers and air freshening technologies to create a welcoming and hygienic washroom environment for all visitors.  You can get in touch with our specialist team to discuss your business and we can advise you on the best air care products for your needs.

Biozone Air Purifier from Citron HygieneBiozone

The Biozone Commercial Air Purifier is a cutting edge and effective workplace air and surface purifier.  It targets impurities in the air and is ideal for washrooms of various sizes, including those with heavy traffic. The Biozone purifier can reduce bacteria, viruses, mould and other microcontaminants in the air. Biozone adds another layer of hygiene to your washrooms and utilises innovative technologies to purify the air.

The air purifier works by drawing in contaminated air and treating it using a specialised UV light and oxidation process. Once treated, the cleaned air is pushed back into the room where disinfectant particles including ozone, hydroxyl free radicals and negative ions are also dispersed to create an even more hygienic environment. Biozone is more effective than other air purifiers that use filtration technologies and a great addition to any commercial washroom.

Cleaner, safer air with the CitronClear workplace air purifierCitronClear

Another popular product within Citron Hygiene’s air purifier range is the CitronClear odour neutraliser. Featuring four technologies including Photo-catalytic oxidation (PCO), Photoplasma, Ozone and Negative Ions, the CitronClear removes bad smells and destroys airborne bacteria from the air. It’s proven to be effective against 99.9% of viruses and in tests, was shown to reduce background bacteria levels by 85% in two hours.

Explore Citron Hygiene’s washroom air care solutions

Citron Hygiene provides a range of commercial air care solutions. We supply many businesses with commercial air purifiers and help them create more hygienic washroom experiences for their employers and visitors to their premises.

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