Biozone Commercial Air Purifier

An innovative commercial air purification solution

Biozone is a workplace air and surface purifier that is designed to targets bacteria, viruses, mould, odours and other impurities both in the air and on surfaces. Ideal for heavy traffic areas, such as washrooms and other transient areas. Biozone enhances good existing hygiene practices.


Designed to Enhance Facility Hygiene & Air Quality

  • 24/7 air and surface treatment for spaces of any size as it reaches areas that no other cleaning technology can
  • Reduces bacteria, viruses, mould, and other micro-contaminants
  • Eliminates odours, smoke, and chemicals
  • Improves the hygiene in the air and on surfaces
  • Certified to be safe and proven to be effective
  • Discreet design, fixed installations on walls or ceilings
  • Completely automated and chemical-free
  • Minimal maintenance – requires simple annual UV lamp replacement
  • More effective than filtration based air purifiers

Biozone Industrial Air Purifier Features

  • Mains Installation (wall plug attached)
  • 13 foot Power Cord (4 meters)
  • Ceiling or Wall Mount Kit
  • Space Saving Design
  • One year warranty on parts and labour

Active Air & Surface Hygiene Utilising the Following Technologies:


UV Light

Ultraviolet light (UV) is powerful enough to penetrate the cell walls of microorganisms and shatter the DNA, making it impossible for them to grow and reproduce. Biozone’s UV light has shown >99.1% inactivation of the SARSCoV-2 virus, the virus that causes COVID-19, in less than 0.3 seconds of exposure.


PhotoPlasma is produced when UV light reacts with the air. PhotoPlasma contains hydroxyl radicals, ozone and negative ions.

Ozone & Hydroxyl Radicals

Ozone is a powerful oxidant which is found naturally in the environment. Hydroxyl Radicals help oxidize bacteria pollutants and break down VOC’s in the air and on surfaces. Biozone is fully compliant with international ozone exposure guidelines.

Negative Ions

Charged ions attach to contaminants in the air, weighing them down and away from inhalation risk.

How Citron Hygiene’s Biozone Works

Innovative Process
Biozone draws in contaminated air that carries dust and impurities. The air is then treated using a specialized UV light and oxidation process.
Once treated, the clean air is then dispersed into the room where Ozone, Hydroxyl Free Radicals and Negative Ions are also emitted to disinfect.

Unparalleled Performance
Designed to complement regular hygiene measures, Biozone continuously disinfects the air and surfaces whilst also removing bad odours. Biozone targets impurities at their source, effectively removing them from the environment, as opposed to traditional masking techniques.

Proven Results
Create an ideal hygienic space for your business.
Biozone elevates hygiene, demonstrating a 99.999% reduction rate of bacteria on surfaces in just two minutes of treatment. The unit’s function to continuously purify the air also has been found to destroy airborne viruses in less than 0.44 seconds. Biozone’s mix of technologies provides the most effective way to disinfect air and surfaces.

Validation Studies

Biozone Technology is shown to reduce:

Inactivation of Human Coronavirus (OC43) measured a 3-log reduction (99.3%) in 30 minutes on surfaces using the AC10 model (25% lamp variant)1

Inactivation of Human Coronavirus (OC43) at 99.1% in 0.25 seconds exposure to UV light 2
>99.999 of Avian Influenza Virus (H5N2)3
>99.999 of Parainfluenza Virus (hPIV-3)3
>99.999% of surface E. coli4
>99.999% of surface Listeria4
100% of surface Salmonella

1& 2 Tests performed at BCS Laboratories Inc, FL 3 Test performed by CNRS, France – W.H.O Collaborative Centre for Human Influenza Viruses 4 Test performed by Tri-Tech Analytical Laboratories

Service Schedule

Installed by our Hygiene Technicians
Annual service frequency


Height 132mm
Width 411mm
Depth 93mm
Colour – Grey
Input Voltage 100v – 240v
Electric Consumption (W) 24
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