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Effective Floorcare Solutions

Clean, safe and tidy commercial mats are often the very first impression that people have of your organisation. With as much as 80% of dirt carried into your building on footwear, the right mats can do wonders to keep your business looking as professional as possible whilst also protecting your floors from mud, moisture and grit. Citron Hygiene is a leading provider of commercial mats, including Image mats, Shaped mats, Heavy Duty mats and Anti-Fatigue mats. Each mat is designed to offer maximum protection against dirt and there are also clever features incorporated into our product ranges, such as the extra cushioning and comfort in our Anti-Fatigue mats. Mats only do a good job if they are well-maintained and cleaned. Vacuuming only removes about 10% of trapped dirt so it’s easy to see why mats can quickly become dirt-logged and ineffective. That’s why it makes sense to rent commercial mats to ensure a clean, fresh and environmentally friendly floorcare system.

Lift and Lay Servicing of Commercial Mats

Citron Hygiene provides a regular commercial mat rental service where all mats are professionally laundered on a regular lift and lay service schedule. The lift and lay servicing of commercial mats is very popular with clients, due to the fact that all the commercial mats are kept in excellent condition through a regular cleaning and laundry service. The Citron Hygiene lift and lay service ensures all mats are regularly serviced. Dirty mats are lifted and freshly laundered mats are laid in their place. The result is a consistently clean and professional looking environment.

The Green Advantages of Using Citron Commercial Mats

Customers who use Citron Hygiene can also be reassured that the cleaning, servicing and replacement of commercial mats is completed with as little cost to the environment as possible. Not only are our durable mats professionally laundered and re-used but manufactured from recycled nylon and at the end of their life-cycle, the mats are recycled.

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