Government Restart Grants – How Do They Work and Who Are They For?

In an effort to encourage and support businesses as they re-open and demand increases post coronavirus restrictions, the Government have recently announced the new Restart Grant Scheme worth £5 billion in the Chancellors April 2021 Budget. In addition to other grants that have been provided to support businesses throughout the pandemic, the Restart Grant takes the total spent on grants to £25 billion.

Open to small high street businesses, 700,000 shops, restaurants, salon and gym businesses will be eligible for grants of between £6,000 and £18,000. Due to the fact non-essential retail stores will be opening sooner, those grants will be worth up to £6,000 whereas hospitality, accommodation, leisure, personal care and gym businesses are set to open later therefore they’re open to receiving a grant of up to £18,000.

In line with the Prime Minister’s roadmap, this scheme hopes to support businesses from the beginning of April up until the 21st June; the planned date to put an end to all restrictions. The Restart Grant Initiative will replace monthly Local Restrictions Support Grants for both open and closed businesses as these will close at the end of March.

Is Your Business Eligible for the Grant?

To be eligible to receive a Restart Grant, the following should apply to your business:

•    Your business is based in England.
•    You pay business rates for your business’ property (and are the ratepayer).
•    Your business has had to close for more than 14 days due to coronavirus restrictions.
•    Your business has been unable to provide normal in-person customer service from its facilities.

If you think you’re eligible, find your local authority who will administer the grant and answer any questions you may have.

You’re not eligible for a Restart Grant if the following apply to your business:

•    You have been able to provide usual service due to the fact you do not depend on in-person customer service.
•    Your business has closed for less than 14 days due to coronavirus restrictions.
•    You have chosen to close your business on your own accord; not because of local restrictions.
•    You have exceeded the permitted subsidy limit.
•    Your business is in administration, insolvent, subject to a striking-off notice or has been struck off the Companies House register.

How the Grants Can Help Businesses

It’s been an extremely difficult time for businesses. Many have had to suffer due to lockdown restrictions preventing organisations from running as normal, if at all. After a turbulent year, there is light at the end of the tunnel however businesses are still faced with challenges ahead as costs will undoubtably be high as businesses start to increase their operations due to overheads, employee pay, business supplies, stock, marketing costs and more. However, with the Government’s Restart Grant, businesses will now have extra resource available to use as support whilst preparing for a successful reopening without the financial strain.

Saving Costs but Keeping Hygiene High

Where a need for proper hygiene facilities may not have been such a priority in the past, it’ll be essential for businesses reopening to invest more money in hygiene supplies and services moving forward. A return to normal may take longer if hygiene standards are not at the level they should be. Even with the vaccine , there is still a level of risk of catching COVID-19 and other illnesses when out and about; and people are likely to air on the side of caution when it comes to going out again. In fact, in a recent survey with 2000 UK adults, 43% said they were still unsure about returning to their favourite bars and restaurants.

With the Government’s helping hand, organisations will not only have the money to kick start business, but it can also provide much needed resource for hygiene and cleaning solutions at this essential time.

This Grant is ideal for those businesses looking to keep costs low but hygiene levels high in order to bring customers/employees back through the doors and instil confidence especially during the crucial re-opening period.

Citron Hygiene’s Back Safely Hygiene Solutions

We can help your business operate safely in a post-pandemic world through our range of Back Safely services and solutions. The importance of hygiene has been emphasised throughout this pandemic however it’s something that should be a mainstay in a post-pandemic world. Our selected solutions not only will help create safer spaces both now and in the future too. While the Restart Grant will be useful for a number of reasons investing in a number of the following solutions can help to bring customers back meaning increased sales which ultimately has a positive impact on costs. Explore our range of solutions that can keep all who come and go:

Hand Washing Solutions

Hand Sanitiser Dispensers 

Professional Disinfection Services 

PPE Waste Disposal 

Air Care Solutions  

Hygiene Guidance Posters

If you are not sure what solutions your business needs, we can also help. Our knowledgeable hygiene technicians can visit your facility to offer free hygiene consultations for all types of business to help you identify exactly what you need to create a safe, hygienic environment. Get in touch today to see how our hygiene experts can help.

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