PPE Waste Disposal Services

As businesses get back to more normal ways of working, there is likely to be a significant rise in the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) by employees and the general public. In addition to continuing to practice proper hand hygiene, many individuals will be taking extra precautions to protect themselves and others from contracting infections that include covid-19 and other illnesses.  PPE acts as a barrier between the person wearing it and those around them however it must be disposed of in a safe and hygienic manner. Is your facility prepared to deal with the correct disposal of PPE?

Citron's Waste Bins for PPE

Make sure you are providing your staff and visitors with the correct facilities they need to dispose of PPE safely and effectively. Not only will this ensure the highest levels of hygiene are maintained throughout your building but all those who enter your premises will feel reassured and won’t feel discouraged from wearing PPE.

Our waste bins are suitable for all used PPE and are suitable for all areas throughout your building. To reduce the spread of infection and for even higher levels of hygiene, these waste bins can be operated using a foot pedal.  Our trained staff will ensure that all waste is disposed of correctly and safely and that your waste bin is clean and fresh on every service.

Be Prepared with Citron Hygiene

With people more concerned about hygiene and the spread of infection than ever before, make sure your business is providing the essentials to support individuals. Contact Citron Hygiene by calling 08000 66 55 52 or use the form on this page to enquire about our PPE waste disposal bins.

Technical Specifications

  • Liner Service
  • Unique and modern design
  • Integrated foot pedal, ensuring a no-touch facility when disposing of waste in the unit
  • Unit supplied with tiger bag inside
  • Vapour action germicide ensures all waste inside the unit is rendered safe and hygienic
  • Identification labels stating what should be disposed of within the unit

Our Hygiene Solutions

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