Gender Pay Reporting

This report looks at the Gender Pay Gap at Citron Hygiene UK, covering a 12-month period, including the snapshot date of 5th April 2022. The gender pay gap is the difference in male and females pay.

There are over 300 team members employed at Citron Hygiene UK and this is made up of 60.64% males and 39.36% females.

A positive percentage shows that females have lower pay or bonuses than males and a negative percentage shows that males have lower pay or bonuses than females.

Hourly Rate Summary

Our median and mean pay gap shows that females have higher pay than males.  For a high population of our team members, Citron Hygiene UK pay at or above the Real Living Wage and of this population, there are a higher number of males than females.

Our median gender pay gap is -8.68% and our mean gender pay gap is -0.21%.


Quartiles represent the pay from the lowest to the highest of our team members.  These split our team members into four equal groups and show the percentage of males and females in each quartile.

Lower quartile – there are more males to females in this quartile, with a higher number of males in our roles paid at or above the Real Living Wage.

Upper quartile – the upper quartile of our team members is split at 50/50, which shows we have a good split between males and females.

Bonus Payments

The percentage of males and females receiving a bonus is very similar however, there is a significant difference in the payments.  This is because we have a high number of males receiving a small bonus payment. 

Bonuses include any additional payment classes as a bonus within the 12-month period.  Our median bonus is -320.68%, and our mean gender pay gap is -83.22%.


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