Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

Minimising the risk of hand to hand transmission should be a priority in all commercial environments, however as effective soap solutions may not be available outside the washroom it can be difficult to maintain hand hygiene throughout the day. Therefore, hand sanitiser solutions should be made available and easily accessible to prevent the spread of infection and maintain hygiene standards at all times.

Suppliers of Effective Commercial Hand Sanitiser Dispensers with a Managed Refill Service

Providing hand sanitiser solutions has a number of benefits to workplaces from encouraging effective hand hygiene that limits the spread of infection, less sick days, increased productivity and providing peace of mind to all who come and go. 

Citron Hygiene provide a range of hand sanitiser dispensers suitable for businesses from all sectors and are designed to keep customers, visitors and employees safe and protected. Our range includes automatic hand sanitiser dispensers that limit touch, or an equally effective alcohol free antibacterial sanitiser dispenser.   

All our hand sanitiser dispensers are available in various finishes with sanitiser refills provided as part of a reliably managed service program. All our sanitiser formulations are effective at killing germs and bacteria. 

Never Run Short with Managed Sanitiser on Service 

Citron Hygiene’s certified hygiene technicians install all dispensers and refill on a regular basis to ensure they never run empty. 

Citron Hygiene can support your business to exceed hygiene expectations with our range of commercial hand sanitisers. Explore our range of solutions below or get in touch with our team for more details. 

Please Use Me Hand Sanitiser Posters 

Hand Cleaning With Sanitiser Poster