Getting the UK Back to Business

Hit the ground running when your business returns to ‘normal’ with Citron’s help. With so many things to think about when getting back to business, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed – Citron are here to make your life easier with our range of services for businesses from all industries. We are your helping hand and are here to look after you – whether you’re an existing or new customer.

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Essential Services for your Business

Reassure your staff and visitors and make your sure building is as healthy and safe as possible when you re-open or maintain hygiene if you have still been operating. Hygiene is going to be more important than ever before so making sure you set off on the right foot is imperative.

Citron Sani-Defence

Have peace of mind when you re-open with Citron’s effective disinfection services. Whilst cleaning can eliminate surface level dirt, disinfection works to eliminate bacteria – reducing the spread of infections such as covid-19 or influenza. Fogging is a scientifically proven method of protecting your premises, shared spaces and surfaces for viruses such as coronavirus. Our trained technicians will quickly and efficiently sanitise your site with little to no disruption to your business with a flexible service offering – whether you want a one off or regular service.

Find out more about the Citron Sani-Defence disinfection service. 

Citron Clear Air Care

Take air quality to new heights with the Citron Clear. Instead of just treating the air in your facility with fragrance, clean it to get rid of harmful airborne bacteria. The Citron Clear can help you do just that. Using the latest technology to reduce airborne VOC's contained in shared spaces such as meeting rooms, common rooms or any other area where people will come into contact with others. An added bonus? At this time of year, hayfever sufferers will also thank you as the air around them will be free of volatile fumes and debris.

Find out more about the innovative Citron Clear.

PPE Disposal Services

As businesses return to more normal ways of working, there may be an increased use of PPE by employees and customers. PPE may be worn as employees or visitors travel to and from your facility however individuals should have a suitable place to disposal of their PPE in a safe manner.  Citron Hygiene can provide PPE waste bins to all businesses in order to manage this effectively.

Find out more about our waste disposal solutions for personal protective equipment. 

Soap and Sanitising Solutions

The UK government have provided guidance for workplace good practices stating that employers should provide hand sanitisers and tissues to employees and visitors and ensure facilities are in place so that people can wash their hands for 20 seconds with soap and water. 
As you prepare to get back to business, make sure you have the adequate facilities in place to reduce infection transmission and ensure a safe environment.  Explore Citron’s range of soap and sanitising solutions that includes hand sanitiser, hand cleaner and desk and equipment wipes. 

Encourage good hand hygiene practices by displaying our helpful guidance posters.  The below graphic provides guidance on where to place hand sanitiser in the workplace. Entrance and exit points, communal areas such as kitchens and meeting rooms are all locations where hand sanitiser should be made available. 

hand sanitiser placement in the workplace

Make the move towards a touch-free washroom 

Washrooms are one of the most common places infection can be spread with users frequently touching the same surfaces and handles. In order to provide the safest and most hygienic environment, consider which fixtures and fittings can be replaced with touch-free alternatives 

Citron Hygiene’s range of touch free washroom dispensers include paper towel dispensers, automatic soap dispensers, hands free personal hygiene units and automatic hand dryers

Make sure you don’t get caught short

People’s expectations are going to be higher than ever before – high hygiene levels will be the norm and your customers, staff and visitors will judge you on this. Be prepared for this by ordering your hygiene and cleaning essentials ahead of time with Citron Hygiene.

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Prepare for success in a post-covid-19 world with our Back to Business Guide. Not only does it include guidance on hygiene measures to implement in your business, but you'll find marketing advice and a handy back to work checklist. 

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