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The pandemic has highlighted just the important role hygiene plays in reducing the spread of infection. By keeping your premises safe and hygienic, this will not only impact the wider community, but employees and customers will have peace of mind and feel confident in using your facilities again. As businesses start to open up gradually and as demand increases, the importance of hygiene will be here to stay. Investing in the right solutions is vital to success both now and post-covid. 

This is where Citron Hygiene can support your business. Our range of innovative Back Safely services and solutions that encompass are washroom and full facility hygiene, hand hygiene and professional disinfection are designed to help you build a healthy and safe workplace; protecting all who come and go.

Our Back Safely Hygiene Services

Citron Hygiene can be your reliable hygiene solutions partner. Not only do we provide flexible servicing to suit your business requirements, but our trained technicians are on hand to provide you with expert advice when you need it. Working with leading partners and suppliers, we provide an extensive range of serviced solutions to meet your business' hygiene challenges. 

Hand Hygiene Solutions

The UK government have provided guidance for workplace good practices stating that employers should provide hand sanitisers and tissues to employees and visitors and ensure facilities are in place so that people can wash their hands for 20 seconds with soap and water. All our hand hygiene solutions are offered with a managed re-fill service so you never run out.

Professional Disinfection Services

disinfection fogging icon Regular cleaning is required to eliminate surface level dirt, dust and grime but professional disinfection takes cleaning to new levels for a safer workplace. Investing in professional disinfection doesn’t just provide protection against covid-19 but other infections too.  Our trained technicians will quickly and efficiently sanitise your site with little to no disruption to your business with a flexible service offering – whether you want a one off or regular service. Browse our range of professional disinfection solutions. 

Air Care Solutions

Have you considered the role air care plays in preventing the spread of harmful bacteria and germs? Instead of just treating the air in your facility with fragrance, clean it to get rid of harmful airborne bacteria. The innovative Citron Clear can help you do just that. 

Find out more about the innovative Citron Clear Air Care System. 

Waste Disposal Services

Vaccinations, testing and the use of PPE continues to increase however all waste should be disposed of in a suitable place to protect those who come and go from your facility. Our range of waste management solutions can ensure your business disposes of waste safely and effectively. 

Make the move towards a touch-free washroom 

Washrooms are one of the most common places infection can be spread with users frequently touching the same surfaces and handles. In order to provide the safest and most hygienic environment, consider which fixtures and fittings can be replaced with touch-free alternatives. Citron Hygiene’s range of touch free washroom dispensers include paper towel dispensers, automatic soap dispensers, hands free personal hygiene units and automatic hand dryers

Let us Help You Build a Healthy & Safe Workplace for All Who Come & Go

We are passionate about helping commercial spaces and businesses build healthy spaces across the UK with service centres nationwide.  

If you would like to get a quote or find out more information about our range of services, get in contact with the Citron Hygiene team using the form below or call us on 08000 66 55 52. We will be happy to help answer any queries you may have.

Not sure what solutions your business would benefit from? Why not book a free consultation where one of our expert technicians can visit your facility free of charge to help you assess what you may need.  

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