Why Your Business Needs Effective Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

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Employees come into contact with thousands of germs throughout the day within workplace, from working on laptops to touching pens to the simple act of opening the fridge door. In customer facing environments, customers can also touch shared objects from self-service tills, and shopping rails in retail stores to taps in public washrooms. In the UK alone, employees take an average of 7 days a year of sick leave due to illness that can often be controlled with good hand hygiene measures promoted within facilities. Considering 80% of all infections are transmitted by hands, its vital commercial environments have hand sanitising solutions available to staff, visitors and employees to limit cross contamination and infection.

Having effective hand sanitising dispensers within your commercial facility shows you take hygiene seriously to all who come and go. Hand hygiene solutions are essential and should be made available in areas where soap and water aren’t available promoting good hygiene and reducing infection transmission across the business.

Benefits of Effective Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

Hand sanitiser dispensers have a range of benefits that can help to transform any businesses hygiene standards. In turn you’ll reap fewer sick days, better productivity and increased employee satisfaction within your organisation. Here we’ve listed a few of the main benefits of implementing effective hand sanitiser dispenser solutions within your business.

They are a Reliable, Robust Solution

High quality hand sanitiser dispensers are reliable and will stay standing for however long they’re required. They are designed to fit in with your organisation with an aesthetically pleasing appeal that makes it easier to blend in with your brand image. Compared to bottles of hand sanitiser that can be found at entrance points in commercial facilities, dispensers can present a professional image and be robust enough that the only thing you have to replace is the contents of it.

They Help to Reduce the Spread of Infection

Hand sanitising dispensers dramatically reduced the spread of infection within any organisation encouraging employees to practice good hygiene standards throughout the day. Did you know, 40% of people don’t wash their hands after sneezing, coughing or blowing their nose? This leaves plenty of opportunity for airborne viruses and illness to transmit across your business in a matter of moments. With effective hand sanitiser dispensers displayed around your facilities you can reduce this percentage by encouraging people to rid any harmful bacteria on their hands after sneezing or coughing limiting the number of germs transmitted between employees, visitors and customers.

Fixed in Place

In locations where soap and water solutions aren’t available you can provide hand sanitiser dispensers at entry and exit points to encourage all who come and go to utilise hygiene facilities. This can drastically reduce the number of illnesses that occur within your organisation, reducing the spread of infection and improving overall health and hygiene.

To go a step further, automatic hand sanitising dispensers limit touch and reduce the risk of cross contamination as hands free dispensers use sensors to disperse just the right amount of solution. These dispensers are fixed in place therefore also deterring theft and vandalism on business property.

They Are Cost-Effective

Where sanitiser in bottles is provided, people can lather more than they need to on hands. Rather than dispensing just the right amount users can squish and shake the bottle and end up with 3 times more than they probably need to effectively clean their hands. With effective dispensers that just deliver the right amount of solution but not only will you be ensuring maximum hygiene but you can also reduce costs too by avoiding unnecessary waste.

Different Types of Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

Automatic, hands free hand sanitising dispensers work effectively to reduce touch and therefore limiting cross contamination between staff and visitors. They can either be free standing or wall mounted or even placed on a floor standing unit for complete location flexibility. This is an excellent feature for businesses wanting to test the best locations for their sanitising dispensers or desire the ability to move units around.

Their highly durable design with an optimised electronic module helps to reduce battery consumption and overall costs. Paired with the quick shot dose delivery system waste is minimised as every use is controlled.

Wall Mounted Manual Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

Manual hand sanitiser dispensers provide an ultra-hygienic solution for hand sanitising and can be suited to all types of commercial environments. They’re made with durable, lightweight and robust design specifically purposed for high traffic, high demand environments to ensure everyone can practice proper hand hygiene at any time. They can be fitted into walls providing an ideal solution to preventing harmful bacteria and germs.

Manual dispensers work with a push and pull operation designed with an angled dispenser top to prevent damage to the dispenser body. With this dispenser type you can guarantee content integrity with a locking system aimed to deter theft and vandalism.

What Hand Sanitiser Dispenser is Best for Your Organisation?

Depending on your businesses preferences and needs, either design may be more fitting. Both types equally help businesses to effectively reduce costs with a controlled dispensing mechanism therefore requiring less refills. Whether you choose one or the other as your preferred method, they are both effective at dispensing hand sanitiser solutions with the main aim of efficiently preventing the spread of illness and uplifting hand hygiene standards.

Promote Proper Hand Hygiene Within Your Organisation

Poor hygiene standards can not only reflect badly on your organisation and negatively affect individuals who obtain an illness but can also cause major implications in the long run. Promoting proper hand hygiene in your business can lead to a rise in productivity, wellness and staff satisfaction; the importance of doing so cannot be understated. There are many ways to promote good hygiene practices including displaying hygiene signage around your organisation, near dispensers or within high traffic communal spaces, to encourage all employees and visitors to wash their hands regularly with proper hand sanitising techniques.

Download our FREE ‘Please Use Me’ hand sanitiser posters or our step-by-step cleaning with hand sanitiser posters to see an improvement in hand hygiene standards.

Discover Citron Hygiene’s Range of Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Solutions

The Citron Refresh range of effective hand sanitiser dispenser solutions are designed for all types of commercial environments limiting cross contamination and illness within your business. With a focus on durability and efficiency, the dispensers are able to cope in even the busiest spaces and can be either free standing or fitted into walls for a sleek, aesthetically pleasing look.

Explore Citron’s range of high-quality hand sanitiser dispenser solutions including automatic dispensers and classic manual dispenser designs. Whatever model you choose, ensure you’re providing hand sanitising solutions for employees, customers and visitors to help stop the spread of harmful bacteria.

Managed Sanitiser Solutions on Service

Never run short with Citron’s managed sanitiser on service which help to reduce costs. Our certified hygiene technicians will install all your dispensers at a time that suits you and will refill on a regular basis. This means your dispensers never run empty avoiding any declines in hygiene standards within your organisation.

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