Workplace Hygiene – Promoting Hand Washing in Your Business

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Wave Goodbye to Bacteria – The Importance of hand washing in the workplace.

The importance of maintaining the highest levels of hygiene in the workplace cannot be overstated.  The impact of poor hygiene on a workforce is not only unfortunate for the individuals affected, but can also have a significant knock-on effect on the business as a whole.  There is certainly more than a ring of truth about the adage “A healthy workforce is a happy workforce” and this wellbeing can often be reflected in productivity and business performance. It therefore stands to reason that the opposite is also true – An unhealthy workforce can have a significant negative impact on the success of a business. Ensuring workplace conditions, and more specifically the hygiene levels, are of the highest standard is vitally important for companies of all size, with one of the most important areas of focus being the washroom.

The generation and transfer of germs and bacteria in the workplace can cause illnesses to spread through a workforce, and it is therefore imperative for companies to not only maintain a hygienic environment but also promote hygienic practices amongst staff. This is of particular relevance in the company washroom, where both the promotion of effective hand washing and the provision of high quality hand washing facilities is of paramount importance in the fight against germs and bacteria.

Provide Soap Dispensers & Sanitisers

Hygiene is only as effective as the weakest link, unfortunately. It only takes one person to have low levels of personal hygiene to have an impact across the whole group.

Encouraging everyone to wash their hands regularly and correctly reduces the transmission of bacteria and promotes good health for everyone.

Measures such as the use of hand washing posters in and around washrooms are effective reminders of the importance of hand washing.  Make sure to ensure that people do not come into work when they are sick either is a further step in ensuring good health for everyone.  The washroom environment itself is also an important element in encouraging the best hygiene standards. Well maintained washrooms containing clean, hygienic soap dispensers encourage people to wash their hands and thus limit the potential for the transfer of bacteria. Likewise, dispensers that offer touch-free operation, such as the Citron Auto Foam Soap Dispenser can help to eliminate cross contamination and reduce the spread of bacteria. The soap being dispensed is also important. A good luxurious soap improves the whole hand washing experience, and encourages regular, thorough hand washing.

In locations where soap and water is not available, providing hand sanitiser at entry and exit points or meeting rooms can further help to encourage the best hand hygiene routines. Limit touch by providing automatic dispensers such as this hands-free hand sanitiser dispenser. 

Supporting your Workplace with Washroom Hygiene Services

Maintaining high standards of washroom cleanliness is, however, easier said than done, especially in busy workplaces with high washroom traffic. For this reason, many companies opt to employ the services of a washroom hygiene company. Not only can such a company help to maintain a clean washroom environment, but they also ensure that soap dispensers are always full, both of which helps to promote hand washing and enable companies to wave goodbye to bacteria in their workplace.

Find out how Citron’s washroom hygiene services and range of soap dispensers could help improve hygiene in your workplace.

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