Dispelling Common Hand Dryer Myths

Hand dryers have long been victims of all sorts of myths, so let’s finally set the record straight. While they don’t spread bacteria, they do dry hands efficiently and contribute to environmental wellbeing. So, banish those misconceptions and embrace the truth about these convenient, cost-effective and efficient hand dryers! Hand dryers are more than just… Continue reading Dispelling Common Hand Dryer Myths

The Complete Hand Dryer Maintenance Checklist

Hand dryers are the unsung heroes of hand drying in the workplace. These trusty machines deliver efficiency, hygiene, user-friendliness and even eco-friendly features. With the proper care and maintenance, these powerhouses can last for years. To help you keep your hand dryers in tip-top condition, we’ve compiled a comprehensive hand dryer maintenance checklist that covers… Continue reading The Complete Hand Dryer Maintenance Checklist

Germs & Bacteria Found in Public Toilets

There is no disputing that germs and bacteria are found everywhere we go. Whilst many of them are harmless and even helpful, there are many more that can make our lives miserable. Nowhere is this more evident than in public washrooms. So, how can you ensure that your washrooms are safe for your employees and… Continue reading Germs & Bacteria Found in Public Toilets

Are Hand Dryers Sanitary? Yes, and Here’s Why

Wet hands have been found to increase the spread of germs faster, making hand drying a crucial component of overall hand hygiene. But, when considering the best hand drying solution for your workplace washroom, what is the most effective? And most importantly, what will keep your staff, customers, and the wider community safe? This blog… Continue reading Are Hand Dryers Sanitary? Yes, and Here’s Why

Your Ultimate Winter Ready Guide

In just a few weeks time, British Summer Time officially ends and winter will be around the corner.

The Workplace of the Future

The Impact of Covid-19  The pandemic has affected us all on a global scale. From countries experiencing waves of lockdowns to businesses shifting to remote-working meaning employees quickly having to adapt to using technology to stay productive and communicate (yes, who remembers meetings before Zoom). Worldwide there have been 107million cases of coronavirus with sadly over 2… Continue reading The Workplace of the Future

A Guide to Saving Costs on Workplace Hygiene

 Enhance Your Workplace Hygiene Whilst Cutting Costs   High standards of hygiene have always played an important role to keep people safe and well in the workplace. However, since the pandemic, expectations have increased, and employers have had to pay even more attention to investing in hygiene solutions.  This not only adds further stress to ensure… Continue reading A Guide to Saving Costs on Workplace Hygiene

Colour Coding of Units

As many producers of healthcare and related wastes will already be aware, ‘Safe Management of Healthcare Waste’ (March 2013) Guidance issued by The Department of Health (which can be downloaded at the bottom of the page) recommended changes to the colours of containers and lids used for these types of waste. Since October 2009, Citron… Continue reading Colour Coding of Units

The University of Sheffield

As one of the top 100 Universities in the world the University of Sheffield is immensely proud to be voted number one in the 2014-2015 Times Higher Student Experience Survey. Citron Hygiene is equally proud to provide the washroom services to the University. Serving over 24,000 students and over 5,000 staff, there is high demand on… Continue reading The University of Sheffield


Lyreco is a worldwide supplier of office and workplace solutions. They turned to Citron Hygiene for ‘Excellent value for money, competitive pricing and delivery of a tailored washroom service’. Citron Hygiene provides a range of Washroom services across the UK delivering service on a local level by a local team through the extensive network of Service… Continue reading Lyreco