A Guide to Saving Costs on Workplace Hygiene

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 Enhance Your Workplace Hygiene Whilst Cutting Costs  

High standards of hygiene have always played an important role to keep people safe and well in the workplace. However, since the pandemic, expectations have increased, and employers have had to pay even more attention to investing in hygiene solutions.  This not only adds further stress to ensure the highest hygiene standards are in place but can come at further costs to your business. 

Increased spend can be difficult for businesses to accommodate, but in order to meet growing expectations and instil confidence, this investment cannot be overlooked and nor should it be. We understand every business is unique and will have different criteria whether you’re a small, medium, or large business. Your budgets may even be further impacted by a recovering economy and Brexit, and costs associated with hygiene can all have an impact on your bottom line.

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If you’re looking to cut costs in 2022, you may think that you need to make savings on hygiene solutions, particularly in comparison to the height of the pandemic. However, in this guide, you will learn the true value of maintaining hygiene and ways in which you can save costs but maintain hygiene at the same time. Designed for procurement managers, facility managers and business owners, this guide explores: 
    1.    The True Value of Good Washroom Hygiene 
    2.    Stats That May Shock You 
    3.    Top Ways to Save Costs
    4.    Cost-Effective Washroom Hygiene Checklist
    5.    Cost-Saving Solutions from Citron Hygiene

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