Stop Children ‘Super Spreaders’ Transmitting Illness This Winter


Children have been labelled as ‘super spreaders’ of illness which makes health management challenging particularly in schools, nurseries and other sectors such as hospitality. However, evidence suggests absence from school can lead to lower educational achievement and poor health, plus, infected children can impact the wellbeing of staff, elder students and close high risk family members.
This demonstrates the importance of preventative measures within commercial facilities to ensure children’s development and wellbeing is maintained. This blog explores infection control measures that should be implemented in places where children are likely to be.

What are ‘children super spreaders’?

All children are at risk of spreading illness and are ‘super spreaders’ of winter bugs, colds and flu.

Professor Keith Willett, NHS England’s Medical Director for Acute Care, said: “Flu can be spread more easily by children, especially to vulnerable relatives, those with heart or lung conditions and pregnant family members”.

Other common winter bugs amongst children

Not only are children spreaders of well-known ‘flu’ but also other bugs such as RSV, common colds, strep throat, stomach flu and COVID-19. It is commonly believed that these illnesses are more prevalent in winter due to the cold weather, but this is a misconception. Children are more likely to play together, indoors, during the winter months, allowing airborne viruses to spread more easily between them in poorly ventilated, warm areas.

A paediatrician at Children’s Health spoke about the fact children playing inside together means ‘kids are in closer proximity to each other and sharing the air that could be contaminated with more germs, infections and viruses”.

Teaching children excellent hygiene habits to avoid infection transmission

The flu vaccine can help to keep children and young adults safe however teaching good hygiene habits from an early age is essential to preventing illness. For businesses, an easy method to educate children and young adults is to display hygiene posters in your washrooms.

Discover Citron Hygiene’s free hygiene guidance posters that can be displayed around your facilities:


Providing the right facilities for children in all commercial washrooms

Supplying the right hygiene facilities in your commercial washrooms for children and adults ensures washrooms are family-friendly, meet the needs of every user, maintain high levels of hygiene and helps to maximise the washroom experience. The lack of such products can have detrimental effects not only on the health and wellbeing of users but ultimately on how users see your business. Fail to provide child-friendly facilities, and your customers could go elsewhere.

Here are essential school washroom amenities for ultimate cleanliness and easy hygiene management.

Infant care washroom facilities

Dealing with the constant needs of children on a daily basis can be a challenge.  However, there are ways businesses can alleviate stress for parents and carers when away from home.

Providing high-quality, clean infant care washroom facilities, including infant changing tables, baby changing seats, nappy vending machines and nappy disposal units, demonstrates an understanding of your visitors needs and the importance of high hygiene standards.

Hand hygiene facilities for schools and commercial washrooms

Soap Dispensers

Washing hands with soap and water is one of the most effective ways to remove harmful germs, prevent the spread of infections such as COVID 19 and maintain hygiene standards. Providing quality commercial soap dispensers in your washrooms will prevent infection transmission.

Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

Soap solutions aren’t always available outside the washroom therefore hand sanitiser dispensers should be made available and easily accessible to prevent the spread of infection and keep little ones and those around them safe.

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