Please Use Me Hand Sanitiser Signs for Businesses ​​​​​​​

please use me hand sanitiser postersHelp your visitors practice effective hand hygiene with our free instructional poster and remind them to use hand sanitiser wherever it is available. 

Throughout the day employees and visitors are exposed to germs, viruses and bacteria through contact with surfaces, often without realising they have touched anything. For example, opening doors, making coffee, answering telephones and many more daily tasks happen so routinely and automatically that we are unaware of the health risks they may bring. 

By encouraging the use of hand sanitiser where soap and water are not available, you help to promote a healthy work environment and reduce the risk of illness to your staff and those around them. 

The Importance of Practicing Good Hand & Respiratory Hygiene 

Regular and thorough hand hygiene practices are essential in minimising the spread of viruses and bacteria in your premises. Help keep the risk in your business or establishment to a minimum  by displaying your  ‘please use me’ hand sanitiser poster and help remind visitors and staff to practice good hand hygiene by using hand sanitiser wherever it is available. Ensure you provide plenty of opportunity for visitors to follow this advice by ensuring hand sanitiser, tissues and bins are clean and available at all times. 

Good hand has a significant impact on health, and encourages the development of other good hygiene practices. By helping visitors maintain good hand cleaning practices you are promoting positive habits that will help your visitors and staff stay healthy and reduce the risk of illness. 

Where to Display Your Use Hand Sanitiser Signs

This poster is likely to be most effective when displayed in prominent locations near hand sanitiser stations, around bathroom sinks and in toilet cubicles where it can be easily seen. It may also be displayed on the back of bathroom doors, and in and in all areas where the use of hand sanitiser is advised such as meeting rooms, entrance and exit points, kitchens and stairwalls. 

More Hygiene Signs & Posters

Explore our full range of hygiene guidance posters that can be downloaded for free to display across your facilities to encourage good hygiene practices amongst all those who come and go.

Our Please Use Posters can be displayed alongside our commercial hand sanitiser dispensers that can be wall-mounted or free standing dependent on your business' requirements.