How Does Your Washroom Score?

how does you washroom score poster

Providing a positive experience for all washroom users is more important than ever. Ensuring every guest is satisfied with their experience requires planning and maintenance, and it’s easy to fall behind. 

Washrooms may be the smallest room but if they aren’t up exceptional standards then they can lead to big consequences. A poor washroom experience can affect both customer and employee satisfaction, and have a negative impact the bottom line of your business if customers are not satisfied with washroom hygiene or cleanliness. This can lead to customers going elsewhere and spreading negative word of mouth. 

how does you washroom score poster

Free Washroom Hygiene Checklist

From harmful to sparkling, our washroom checklist will help you to assess the current standards of hygiene in your washroom at a time when it is so critical. By taking your washroom from good to great, you can help to create a positive experience for all who come and go and limit the spread of germs that can happen inside a washroom. 

Download our free assessment card to get your washroom experience score today and understand what steps to take to enhance it. 

Washroom areas assessed include:

•    Soap & Sanitiser Solutions 
•    Seat Sanitiser
•    Washroom Automation
•    Sanitary Waste Disposal 
•    Scale build up
•    Urinal Care 
•    Air care Programmes 
•    Cleanliness
•    Vending Solutions
•    Hand Drying 

As the experts in hygiene, Citron Hygiene UK are here to help businesses build healthier and safer spaces. Get in touch to find out more about our washroom hygiene solutions.  

Find out how we can help elevate your washroom experience. Talk to us.

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