7 Washroom Essentials You May Not Have Considered

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All workplaces need a well-maintained washroom. It’s an essential space for both employees and guests to your premises. In fact, research shows that guests will spend more money if they use nicer and cleaner public toilets. Of course, there are the basics you have to provide, but going the extra mile to create a better washroom experience is something everybody will appreciate and will lead to repeat custom and positive word-of-mouth. Remember, there are many washroom elements that people have come to expect such as toilet roll or soap, but what about other essentials you may not have thought about before? Read on to find out more.

Air fresheners

Unpleasant odours dominate the environment they’re in. A washroom with a bad smell will leave a negative impression regardless of the other facilities available. Commercial air fresheners, in addition to regular cleaning, ensure your washrooms never exude the kind of uninviting smell that’s going to put people off. Spending any amount of time in a space with a bad odour can increase employee stress and give the impression you don’t care about their welfare. Investing in high-quality fragrance delivery technology helps to ensure any bad smell is dealt with quickly.
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Eco-friendly hand dryers

Paper towels may be the standard choice for hand drying, but they’re not exactly the best for the environment. Investing in high-quality commercial hand dryers ensures a better environmental choice and less need to consider refills and unnecessary paper wastage. Eco-friendly hand dryers benefit your business financially and show your commitment to saving the planet.

Door hooks

Never underestimate the importance of convenience in your business washrooms. Door hooks are a small investment but ensure comfort and convenience as employees and visitors have somewhere safe and dry to put their coat, bag or anything else whilst using the facilities.

Toilet roll dispensers

While toilet roll dispensers may seem an obvious choice for any washroom, there are bound to be times you’ve entered a business washroom and found loose toilet rolls lying around. This doesn’t create a good impression and suggests an organisation’s lack of care or thought when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness. Toilet roll dispensers come in a vast range of styles and types to suit any washroom and they don’t have to be a significant expense.

Menstrual product free-vend machines

  Plan International UK found 1 in 10 girls were unable to afford sanitary products. Further evidence shows over 137,000 children in the UK had missed school due to period poverty per year. Period poverty does not just impact children, a further survey found 32% of women aged 14-50 are worried they will not be able to afford period products in the future. Your business can support menstruators in need by supplying free period products without any need to draw attention to individuals. Menstrual product free-vend machines can be installed easily into your washrooms and make it easy for your washroom users to access the emergency products they need. This additional level of care and support for your female employees and visitors will not go unnoticed.
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Urinal screens

Urinals are a space saving and cost-effective addition to any male washroom. They are hygienic in their hands-free design and can be made even more hygienic with the addition of urinal screens. Urinal screens combat bad odours, maintain their condition, ensure they smell fresh and minimise the risk of splash back. Splash backs can not only be messy for individuals, but can contribute to damage and deterioration to the floors and surrounding areas, so a solution for keeping these under control is in demand. Urinal screens can also trap any additional debris that may be dropped, such as chewing gum, minimising the risk of blockages and the repair bills that come with them.

Cubicle Mirrors

Recognising not everyone is comfortable using mirrors in the public space of the washroom, cubical mirrors give people the chance to check anything they need to in the private space offered. Depending on the size of your cubicles you can conveniently position mirrors on the door or on one of the side walls.

Toilet seat cleaner

Encouraging greater washroom hygiene, especially in the age where we’ve come to recognise just how easily bacteria and viruses spread, is a welcome idea. Toilet seat cleaner make it clear your business is committed to providing safe and clean washroom environments. It provides reassurance to any visitors that your workplace is a healthy and hygienic environment. Toilet seat cleaner is usually a sanitising chemical that utilises antimicrobial technologies to minimise and actively limit the growth of microbes on any treated surfaces. Install dispensers in your toilet cubicles and users can simply use a piece of toilet tissue to sanitise the seat before and after use. This promotes a more hygienic experience and shows visitors and employees your commitment to their health. citron hygiene essential washroom solutions

Don’t forget vital washroom essentials

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