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It’s UK re-cycling week so what better time to remind our customers of our green hygiene solutions that reduce packaging, recycle where possible and minimise waste to landfill? If you want to save money and run a more environmentally friendly business, we can help:

Industrial mats that help protect marine life

Your choice of floorcare can have a huge impact on the environment: ever wondered where commercial mats end up once they are no longer useful?  We don’t believe in adding to the estimated 12,000 kilos of mats that end up in landfill. Rather, we use 100% recycled nylon taken from industry, including industrial fishing nets. Investing in used nylon in this way means more nets are likely to be returned to shore, than released out to sea.

First-ever composting solution for nappy, sanitary and incontinence waste

Disposing of absorbent hygiene products (AHP) such as nappy, sanitary and incontinence waste, is a growing 21st century problem, with the UK alone producing around one million tonnes of nappy waste each year, much of which will end up in landfill.  As part of our standard washroom care service for customers in the South East of England, we will dispose of your AHP waste at our Envirocomp plant in Rochester.  Here, AHP products are shredded and passed through a composting unit.  So far, millions of disposable nappies have been diverted from landfill or incineration at this site and more processing plants planned across the UK in the near future.

90% of all returned washroom products recycled or re-used

We recycle or reuse 90% of all returned washroom products such as aerosols from fragrance units, cardboard, cans and plastic from our operational sites.

Boxless Refills

By using boxless refills for our Auto Foam soap dispenser, we’ve been able to reduce packaging content by 70%, earning us the very important Ecolabel endorsement.

Reduced energy consumption

Hygienic washrooms don’t need to cost a fortune.  In fact, we believe our washroom efficiency services are a sure-fire way to reduce your costs and save on natural resources.  From efficient hand dryers, such as the Citron Pebble to our Intelligent Water Management System that controls the flush cycle of a urinal cistern, we can bring cost savings to every washroom no matter how big or small. 

Innovative Use of Clinical Waste

The treatment of clinical waste has advanced significantly and incineration is no longer the only option at the end of the waste journey. Alternative heat treatment, for example, is an increasingly popular process that creates a residual product known as ‘flock’ that is capable of being used as a sustainable fuel source in cement kilns. In addition, the ash generated from incineration is first processed to remove any metals and then re-used in construction products such as cement and tarmac.  It is these types of waste treatment initiatives that help us – and our customers – reduce the environmental impact of clinical waste.

Biodegradable Products

Our unique E-Card germicide isn’t just 99.999% effective in killing germs, it is 100% natural and the active ingredient is biodegradable. Packaging is minimal and there is absolutely no pollution risk during its lifetime.

So, as you can see, Citron Hygiene customers can help make a difference to our environment.

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