Entrance Mats

An innovative commercial air purification solution

Stop dirt in its tracks with Citron Hygiene’s complete managed lift and lay floorcare solution. Entrance mats provide a highly-cost effective method of preventing dirt and moisture being brought into your building. 80% of dirt is carried into buildings on the soles of shoes, resulting in higher cleaning costs and more importantly, dirty floors, which present a poor image to your visitors and staff using the premises. In addition to cleanliness, entrance mats are also important to prevent your floors becoming wet, which can increase the risk of people slipping in your building. It is your responsibility to make sure that your building is safe for both staff and visitors.

Heavy Duty Mat

Commercial Entrance Mats

It is not just the entrance to your buildings that could benefit from commercial floor mats. High footfall areas and space around vending machines, water coolers and photocopiers can also be problematic. That’s why we supply a range of different floor mats, in different shapes and sizes, to fit any situation.

Mats can be bought outright, but they can quickly become ineffective and in need of replacement. This is where Citron Hygiene’s managed lift and lay floorcare solution adds tremendous value and ensures that your building is always fitted with effective floor mats that do the job expected of them.

We will supply your complete floorcare range. Our specially trained team of service personnel will routinely collect dirty mats and replace them with professionally laundered mats. This means your mats are always capable of trapping dirt and moisture, and keeping your floors protected.

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