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world water day

World Water Day is an annual event organised by UN Water to help raise awareness about the importance of everyone having access to clean, safe water. The main aim is to encourage nations and people to get behind the sustainable development goal to achieve water for all by 2030. Billions of people are currently living without access to safe water.

In the UK all of these issues may seem very far way, but the truth is that the pressure on water is increasing, proven by the UK’s Environment Agency report that England could suffer major water shortages by 2030. The demand for water is increasing in the UK, but the supply is not. This means that we should be treating water as a precious resource and we should all be taking steps to reduce our water usage.

How are Citron Hygiene supporting World Water Day?

Citron Hygiene are committed to helping businesses to reduce water usage as part of our WWE project. This project aims to achieve greater sustainability across the key areas of Waste, Water and Energy to ultimately reduce the environmental impact of companies.

One of the main issues with wasting water is that businesses may not even know they have a problem. Leaks, poorly planned water systems and faulty washroom services can all contribute to increased water bills, but these issues are not always easy to spot, especially if the problem is long term. If you don’t know there’s a problem how can you take action to rectify it?

This is the problem that Citron Hygiene want to help businesses solve and that’s why we’re supporting World Water Day by offering a FREE water saving consultation for your business.

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Citron Hygiene understand the importance of reducing water usage and that’s why we want businesses to join the Citron Hygiene World Water Day Campaign by taking up our offer of a FREE water saving consultation from our Intelligent Water Management team.

Join the Citron Hygiene World Water Day Campaign!

The aim of our World Water Day campaign is to help businesses save 1 million cubic litres of water by identifying areas where water efficiency can be improved thanks to our innovative water saving solutions.

If you would like to book your FREE water saving consultation, then get in touch using our contact form or call 0800 0665 552 to speak to a member of our team.

If you’re wondering how we can help reduce your organisations water usage and save your business up to 90% on its water bills, then take a look at the water saving solutions we have available for installation.

Water saving solutions for businesses

The majority of the water consumed in the UK is used by businesses. This means that companies have a responsibility to take steps to reduce water usage. There a number of water saving solutions that can be installed to help save water.

Smart Water Meter

Using water is unavoidable, but it can be very difficult to ascertain if your business is using water efficiently. Water systems are often very complex, leaving the water bill as the sole water usage reference point. This doesn’t actually tell you very much at all about the way water is being used in your business. For example, there could be long term leaks or malfunctions that have been leading to increased water usage for years’ that you don’t even know about!

The answer to this problem is to fit a Smart Water Meter, which will monitor water usage patterns and provide real time water usage data that can be viewed in a cohesive web-based report. If you can work out exactly where and how water is being used across your business, then you can identify areas where water can be saved helping to reduce costs.

Take control of your water usage with the Smart Water Meter from Citron Hygiene and you could save up to 90% on your water bills.

Save water through flushing

Over 65% of water usage in an average office is used for flushing. This means that installing intelligent water saving solutions in your toilets and urinals really can have a positive impact on significantly reducing water usage.

Modern toilets should adhere to regulations on how much water is used in flushing, but older toilets can use up to 30 litres of water per flush! Replacing all your toilets with modern alternatives is very expensive and can cause a lot of disruption in a business. The good news is there is another solution.

The Actiflush water-saving system saves up to 10 litres of water per flush. The Actiflush system can be easily fitted to traditional toilets to convert them into variable flushing systems, allowing users to only use the amount of water that’s necessary. This can dramatically reduce water usage in your washrooms and consequently you can save money on your water bills.

Flushing water though urinals is a popular, but ineffective cleaning method that wastes a substantial amount of water. Fitting the Actiflow System in your urinals will significantly reduce water usage. The Actiflow urinal cartridge contains billions of friendly bacteria that kill the bad odours caused by bacteria and penetrate uric salts to make them soluble. The Citron Water Management System will then flush the uric salts away at controlled intervals. This significantly improves water usage efficiency, saving your business money as well as presenting a more hygienic washroom environment for users.

Support World Water Day. Save water in your business.

“The world can no longer afford to take water for granted”. – Jim Yong Kim, World Bank Group President

The fact is that the demand for water is growing beyond supply and this issue is a reality in the UK, not just in other countries around the world. The time to do something about saving water in the workplace is now.

Join Citron Hygiene in aiming to save 1 million cubic litres of water by booking a FREE water consultation to find out how you could improve your business’ efficiency when using water. You could also save up to 90% on your water bills.

Book your FREE water consultation by getting in touch with our team via our contact form or by calling 08000 66 55 52 to speak to a member of our team.

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