Saving Water in the Workplace

citron hygiene actiflow urinal water saving system

Water used to be in plentiful supply and easily taken for granted, however it is rapidly becoming a precious resource. Water scarcity and the lack of water supply to meet usage, is already affecting every continent and is on the increase. We do not have an endless supply of water available, so careful management of water consumption is imperative for conservation as well as providing significant cost savings, with prices only set to rise further.

Waste Water Management in Washrooms

Waste water management in washrooms is necessary as these areas usually have the greatest footfall in a building, therefore not surprisingly also the greatest degree of wasted water.  A great deal of money can be wasted on facilities, especially unnecessary water usage.  Over 65% of water used in an average office is through toilet and urinal flushing with washing accounting for about 20%. Obviously flushing the toilet is unavoidable but being one of the most visited rooms in a building, if you use water intelligently you can save up to 90% on water bills. 

There are cost saving solutions which can be implemented to make a significant difference.

Tips on how to save water in the office:

  • Check for leaks.
  • Put posters up for all staff on how to save water.
  • Ensure all rubbish is thrown in the bin, not down the toilet which would mean extra flushing.
  • Install hand dryers instead of using reusable roller-towels that require washing.
  • Purchase water efficient equipment, i.e. shower heads, toilets, appliances.

How to intelligently manage water usage

Many of us are now more self-aware about how to save water in the home but the workplace seems to be a place where unnecessary wastage is still happening. As Emma Howard Boyd, Chair of the Environment Agency, points out “Industry must innovate and change behaviours in order to reduce demand and cut down on wastage.”

One of the most effective ways to conserve water is to concentrate on areas where wastage is greatest, which is the toilets and urinals. This does not mean replacing the toilets you already have – rather, implementing solutions to control water usage.  Citron Hygiene are experts in water and energy saving including intelligent water solutions which help you control flush cycles to avoid wasting water whilst still maintaining the highest hygiene standards in the washroom. 

Save Water Through Flushing

The Actiflush water saving system consists of a small button simply fitted to toilets converting them into a variable flush system, allowing users to only use the necessary amount of water required for an effective flush. Installing this system can reduce water usage by up to 10 litres every time it is used.

Eliminate Odour

Citron’s 100% biodegradable ActiFlow System can be fitted to most urinals and trough systems. Many companies waste water by flushing water through urinals thinking it will solve the problem of uric salt build up which causes blockages and leads to higher maintenance costs. The friendly bacteria in the Actiflow cartridge makes the uric salts soluble, reducing the build-up and preventing blockages. It’s unique hatching pod odour lock also prevents bad odours. 

Intelligent Water Management

Now the uric salts, blockages and smells are under control, Citron’s intelligent water management system prevents further water wastage. It comes with a programmable flush table as well as the flexibility of a remote flush providing overall control of cistern fed urinals.

Save Water, Save Money

By cutting back on water usage, especially water wastage you are not only helping protect precious water resources but greatly reducing costs too.  Water Management systems can cut your bills by 90% whilst providing a high quality and more effective washroom experience.

Do you want to save money on your business’ water usage?

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