All You Need to Know About a Sanitary Waste Disposal Service

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Disposing of sanitary waste correctly is an essential part of managing your washroom facilities. Enlisting the right provider for sanitary waste disposal services is also important, to ensure that infection control and hygiene measures are followed, and waste is collected and disposed of correctly.

At Citron Hygiene, we are proud to offer a variety of washroom services designed to enhance your business and your washrooms are clean and safe. Read on to discover more about what a sanitary waste disposal service entails and the solutions Citron Hygiene offers in this area.

What Is a Sanitary Waste Disposal Service?

A sanitary waste disposal service involves the collection and disposal of sanitary waste. Most often, this will focus on the disposal of menstrual items that get disposed of in sanitary bins such as tampons, pads and liners but can also relate to disposal of nappy and incontinence waste. As sanitary waste contains blood borne pathogens, it’s critical that it’s disposed of correctly to protect the safety of all those who visit or use your washroom.

Using a reliable sanitary waste disposal and collection company will ensure the safe, legal, and environmentally friendly disposal of these types of material.


Why Choose Citron Hygiene as Your Sanitary Waste Disposal Provider?

Here at Citron Hygiene, we provide a comprehensive service that includes collection, transportation, and disposal of sanitary waste materials, as well as provision of free-vend sanitary product dispensers and other solutions.

All of our waste disposal solutions make use of our innovative E-Card to ensure ongoing hygiene and reduction of risk. This is an antimicrobial solution, designed to neutralise unpleasant odours in your washroom, something that can often be a concern for businesses between service visits.

As part of our service, our technicians will replace the e-card when needed to ensure it continues to work effectively. We will work with your business to service your sanitary bins at a frequency that works for you – that could be weekly, fortnightly or even monthly, depending on your washroom’s footfall. We’ll collect your waste, change the liner bags and clean your bins as part of every service you receive from us. That’s the Citron Hygiene promise.

Sanitary Bins

Choosing the right sanitary bin is a key element of ensuring that your washroom is hygienic and safe for menstruators, and we offer a variety of solutions:

Essentia and Inclusiv Sanitary Bins

The Inclusiv and Essentia sanitary bins offer a touchless solution which is ideal for accessibility as well as waste disposal. The foot pedal or infrared sensor options means that there is no need for any contact with the bin itself, reducing the risk of cross-contamination or infection, while the inclusion of liner bags and the Citron Hygiene E-Card help to reduce odours and minimise the risk of pathogens.

Hygeia Sanitary Waste Hygiene Disposal Unit

For a sanitary waste solution that blends a touch-free design with a stylish finish, the Citron Hygeia unit is a great option, and helps to ensure that every aspect of your brand is in line with your image and values – right down to the details in the washroom.

Once again this is a touchless design and uses the E-Card germicide to ensure the most hygienic and infection-free experience. Available in black or white, the Citron Hygeia is also raised from the floor to allow for easier cleaning around and behind the bin and comes with optional decorative wraps to really make it part of your brand!


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Benefits of Choosing Citron Hygiene to Partner With

When partnering with Citron Hygiene for your sanitary waste disposal and washroom services, you can expect:

Trustworthy, Reliable Service

Our team is dedicated to providing you with the highest possible levels of service – we have an 87.4% success rate when it comes to delivering your required service on a specified day, and a 97.7% success rate when it comes to delivering service in the same week. We are committed to constantly tracking and monitoring our service delivery performance to ensure that we are constantly improving, growing, and evolving.

Consolidated Services

Say goodbye to the days of having to juggle multiple contracts, bills, and services – we offer a variety of solutions in one simple package. Whether you need sanitary hygiene waste disposal, air care, or hand hygiene solutions, we can offer an easy-to-understand solution which takes care of your issues, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Dedication to Sustainability

Green issues are at the forefront of many businesses, and we put our money where our mouth is with a commitment to ensuring that our business practices are as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.

By operating in locations across the UK, we can provide services to a geographically vast range of businesses – without having a negative impact on our carbon footprint, and we focus on producing sustainable products wherever possible – this includes an eco-friendly hand dryer range.

All of these choices mean that you can enjoy total peace of mind that your sanitary disposal and washroom needs are being taken care of in a green, planet-friendly manner.

Emphasis on Social Projects

In addition to a focus on environmentally friendly practices, we also work with social value at the heart of our business. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that all women and girls have access to safe, clean and hygienic washrooms, and believe that menstruation should not get in the way of living a full, active and productive life. Period Dignity is at the cornerstone of all of our hygiene solutions, and we have teamed up with Aunt Flow to provide a range of products to help with this, including free-vend sanitary product dispensers, and coming soon – sanitary waste bags.

At Citron Hygiene, we do more than merely dispose of sanitary waste – we actively work to make the world a safer, more dignified, and more accessible place for women and girls in businesses across the country.


Get in Touch

As part of our commitment to providing period dignity in all washrooms across the UK, we are dedicated are committed to providing effective, efficient sanitary waste disposal services, and our team of experts are always on hand to provide advice and guidance. We offer services across the UK, including:


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