Environmentally Friendly Hygiene

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At Citron Hygiene, we know how important your corporate and social responsibility (CSR) is to both your customers and your brand values. That’s why we are committed to protecting the environment with our range of green solutions that reduce packaging, recycle wherever possible and minimise landfill waste. Our Citron Hygiene Promise ensures that we deliver on your specific hygiene and energy saving needs and support the well-being of your staff, customers and stakeholders.

12,000 tonnes of old Mats Diverted from Landfill

Freshly cleaned, professional looking floor mats are a priority for every business that wants to make a great first impression and keep floors clean and safe. Unlike many companies that send end-of-life mats to landfill, Citron Hygiene’s floorcare range is made from 100% recyclable nylon 6-Ecoyl® that is manufactured from industrial and consumer nylon waste, including used fishing nets. Our commitment to environmentally friendly hygiene encourages the fishing industry to recycle nets instead of releasing them into the sea. That’s great news for your business and great news for the oceans.

90% of all Washroom Products Recycled

90% of cardboard, cans and plastic at our operational sites is recycled, along with all returned washroom products. We are always looking for ways to reduce packaging, such as our box-less refills for our Auto Foam soap dispenser that has helped us reduce the packaging content by 70%.

Commitment to Biodegradable, Natural Ingredients

Wherever possible, Citron Hygiene uses 100% natural products even in powerful and effective germ-busting products like our best-selling E-card. The active ingredient is biodegradable, too, so there is no pollution risk to the environment throughout the product’s lifetime. And, as you’d expect from a company committed to recycling, the packaging is kept to an absolute minimum.

Intelligent Use of Waste

We know that waste isn’t the most exciting subject but that doesn’t mean it’s not incredibly important to our CSR. Citron Hygiene works closely with waste treatment partners to take advantage of the latest technologies all aimed at minimising the impact on landfill. For example, the ash created from waste incineration (Incinerator Bottom Ash and Bottom Ash Aggregate) is used by The Highways Agency in UK road construction.

Saving Resources and Saving Money

Every drop of water is precious, as is saving every penny when it comes to water management services. Energy efficient hand dryers and effective water management will help you run an environmentally washroom whilst also benefitting from the government’s tax efficiencies. Citron Hygiene offers a range of energy efficient hand dryers, such as the Citron Pebble: one of the quietest yet stylish dryers available that has been awarded the Quiet Mark. Call us today to discuss our effective green solutions and find out how you can save money whilst supporting the environment.
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