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The health and fitness industry in the UK has been growing exponentially over the last few years with almost 10 million people now having a gym membership. There are now over 7000 gyms in the UK competing with each other to attract members.1

In such a competitive industry it’s vital that a gym provides high quality facilities to attract new members and retain current members to stay rather than move to a competitor offering a better experience. To do this a competitive membership fee and the training equipment provided is very important, but so to are the changing rooms and the washroom facilities.

Providing stylish, hygienic and effective washroom facilities are vitally important to ensure gym customers are satisfied.

Exceptional gym washroom facilities

Washroom facilities are a necessity in any leisure facility, but there are benefits associated with thinking beyond just functionality and taking the decision to invest in facilities that are going to enhance gym-goers experience. The better the experience for users the more likely they will be to remain a member and recommend that gym to their friends and family.

In a modern world where people can easily go online to rate and review any business, it is of paramount importance to make sure gym members are spreading positive news about the facility and encouraging new members to join.

When deciding on the facilities provided in a gym washroom it is important to consider that gyms have a high footfall of visitors and therefore the washroom facilities will be used frequently. This means high quality appliances that are durable, robust and water resistant should be invested in alongside a managed solution designed to keep all dispensers full.

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Get your gym’s washroom in shape


What Washroom Essentials Does Your Commercial Gym Need?

Make sure customer experience in your gym isn’t let down by a poor-quality washroom or bad washroom hygiene. These are the essential services that you’ll need to provide:

Soap dispensers

It’s important to maintain hygiene standards in gyms, especially when you consider the hygiene hazards at gyms and health clubs. One of the most effective ways to reduce the spread of germs is by encouraging people to wash their hands with soap and water.

This means that you must provide soap dispensers that allow people to wash their hands. In a high footfall location like a gym washroom it’s advised to provide a high capacity soap dispenser that reduces the need for refills and ensures each user is supplied with soap.

Providing a bar of soap is a very unhygienic solution and providing a soap bottle does not provide a high volume of soap and can be easily pilfered. Soap dispensers are certainly the best option.

Hand dryers

Wet or damp hands can rapidly spread germs. Gyms should prioritise making sure people dry their hands completely before leaving the washroom and this requires providing effective hand dryers. In a high usage washroom it’s vital to supply enough hand dryers for the volume of users and also ensure that they dry hands quickly enough so people don’t simply walk out with wet hands rather than wait to use the hand dryer.

The Eco Dryer from Citron Hygiene is highly energy efficient operating from just 900W saving on energy bills, but also dries hands in just 10 seconds encouraging gym-goers to dry their hands properly before leaving the washroom.

Air care

When you go to the gym and workout it’s only natural that the body sweats. This means that air care should be prioritised in a gym washroom. Anti-microbial air care solutions incorporate fragrance and odour eliminating technologies to combat malodours and keep air clean.

The Imagine Seasons Fragrance dispenser is one of the most effective odour neutralising systems on the market, delivering a highly effective spray of fragrances to neutralise malodours and keep your gym washroom and changing rooms smelling pleasant.

Let’s get your gym washroom in shape

Make sure customer experience in your gym isn’t let down by a poor-quality washroom, which could negatively impact the decision of current members to renew their membership and lead to potential future members going elsewhere. The standard of the washroom in a gym should not be ignored. Make sure you’re providing a high quality washroom environment with the right facilities to maintain hygiene standards, keep current members and attract new members.

Our team have many years’ experience providing hygiene facilities for gyms and health clubs. If you would like to find out more about how Citron Hygiene can help transform the washroom in your gym, then please contact our team who will be happy to help you.


1. The State of the UK Fitness Industry Report 2018

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