Citron Foam Soap 800ml

Simple & effective hand washing solution

Fit your washrooms with a highly effective hand washing solution. This 800ml Soap Dispenser features a hermetically sealed pouch which prevents drips and blockages to reduce wastage. There is a choice of 3 soaps available for this dispenser including standard, anti-bacterial and dermatological. You can pick the most appropriate soap for your dispensers.

Full Details

Foam Soap Dispenser

Providing adequate handwashing solutions in washrooms is very important to maintain hygiene standards and provide staff and visitors to your premises with a pleasant experience. The dispensing lever incorporates Biomaster which minimises cross-contamination by reducing bacteria levels on a surface.

The sleek, stylish design of this foam soap dispenser means it takes up minimal space in washrooms and can be easily fitted next to sinks for easy access.

If you would like to find out more about installing the Citron Foam Soap 800ml capacity dispenser in your washrooms, then please contact our team.

Technical Specifications

  • Push operation reduces the risk of the dispenser being pulled off the wall.
  • New nozzle with every refill prevents clogs and drips.
  • The one way valve prevents cross contamination.
  • Hygienic dispenser - dispensing lever contains Biomaster antimicrobial technology that uses Silver Ion technology to effectively disrupt the growth of microbes on treated surfaces
  • Delivers 2,000 shots per refill

Service Schedule

Installed by our Team of Engineers

We are experts in hygiene. We invest in the science and technology necessary to bring you solutions that work every time and that stand independent testing to the highest hygiene standards. Our team of engineers will ensure your product meets the specific needs and supports the well-being of your staff, customers and other stakeholders. 

6 weekly service frequency

We understand it is you the customer who decides if we live up to & exceed your expectations, we pride ourselves in providing relevant, best value solutions for you and your organisation. This is why we operate on a 6 weekly service basis.


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