Washroom Refurbishment – Guide to Success


Businesses Want To Reduce Costs

By utilising the latest developments in microbiological science we are able to protect washrooms from germs effectively, which helps to reduce the volume of sickness within a workplace and therefore the amount of time and cost of absenteeism.

Another great example of how employing the latest washroom technologies can save money is obvious when looking at the percentage of water and power waste expenditure from traditional washroom systems.

By utilising the latest developments we not only protect your washrooms from harmful bacteria, but can also increase the efficiency of the water and power expended.

The cost of water is continuously rising and traditional flushing technologies alone can prove to waste water.  Whereas a traditional urinal cistern working in conjunction with microbial technology and a water management system can reduce the number of flushes needed significantly.

One Washroom Doesn’t Fit All

Depending on the environments used in, the requirements will vary greatly. A school for example, will have very different specifications than that of a premium hotel or city office.

There are many other factors to consider, such as; usage rates, footfall, opening hours as well as the type of people who use the washrooms. Employees expect a more comfortable experience than one would expect from a public toilet for example. Whereas a customers toilet should not disappoint the users as it can reflect badly on the brand.

Another big consideration is the cleaning costs involved with any particular washroom. Many features such as automatic soap dispensers or taps will reduce the cost of cleaning as they leave less mess (these features also reduce wastage). Whilst the implementation of ‘hands in’ dryers can also lower cleaning costs as the water droplets are captured, instead of being blown onto the floor.

Non-slip vinyl or floor tiles are pretty essential in any kind of washroom. However the finish used on the ceiling and walls will depend on the expected humidity levels of each washroom.

A modern private company would often tend to opt for additional features, such as; sensor flush systems for toilets and urinals, as well as sensor operated taps

Here at Citron Hygiene we work with all clients directly to understand their needs and wants in order to advise upon the best possible complete washroom refurbishment solution. These complete washroom refurbishment packages we can advise on energy and water saving solutions, effective hand washing, electrical dryers and fragrance & soap dispensers.

Users Appreciate A Pleasant Washroom Experience

As a washroom user, there is nothing more noticeable than an unpleasant aroma or sight.

Fragrance Dispensers

Here at Citron Hygiene, we supply and maintain the latest fragrance dispensers. The Citron Hygiene Air Care service for example, ensures that washroom users always notice a pleasant odour, which changes seasonally. These aerosol refills use 63% less Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and have three times the concentrated power of standard aerosols, delivering more fragrance with each spray whilst using fewer propellants.

Citron Hygiene also provides a hi-tech odour neutraliser that as an alternative of masking odours with a fragrance it targets and neutralises the bad scents instead.

A pleasant and fresh smelling washroom is welcomed by the user, it also reflects equally as well onto the business too.

Soap Dispensers

Research has also proven that if your dispensers look nice and clean it will encourage more people to wash their hands. Citron Hygiene’s soap dispensers not only look stylish and encourage use, but are also designed to remain durable after extended use.

The most hygienic of soap dispensers is the automated touch-free option, which allows users to acquire a dose of soap without having to physically touch the dispenser and therefore avoid cross contamination in the process.

Energy Efficient HandDryers

Everyone knows that wet or damp hands spread bacteria at increased rates than that of a dry ones. Citron Hygiene has a wide selection of cost and energy efficient dryers, which provide both hygiene and style.

The Citron Pebble provides a ‘hands under’ drying experience that dries hands within just 12 seconds and operates from just 400W!

Completing our range of hand dryers we present the Dyson V Blade and Dyson 9kJ

Renovate your commercial washroom

If you would like to find out more about modernising your company washroom then contact our team who will be happy to discuss potential options with you.

Find out how we can help elevate your washroom experience. Talk to us.

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