Top Tips to Maximise Hotel Hygiene and the Guest Experience

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However, it’s even more important now. As hotels slowly open back up and more ‘normal’ operations resume, guests are going to expect even higher standards than previously. Without impeccable standards, your hotel could be subject to negative word of mouth and negative reviews which can all have an impact on whether customers choose to book a stay at your hotel. In fact, research suggests that 78% believe that cleanliness is the most important factor when choosing where to stay and if customers choose to go elsewhere, this can ultimately have an impact on your bottom line.

With the covid-19 pandemic, your hotel may have had to implement some new safety measures already but if you want to elevate hygiene standards even further and maximise the guest experience, discover our top tips on how you can do just that.

How to Improve Hygiene in Your Hotel

Refresh Washrooms & Hotel Bathrooms

Washrooms can be a common place for viruses and bacteria to spread due to the nature of how they are used and their purpose. Ineffective cleaning and poor hygiene can not only lead to dissatisfied guests, but it can also put them at risk of illness.

If you haven’t already reviewed what washroom solutions you have in place, maybe now is the perfect time.

In communal washrooms in lobbies and restaurants for example, make sure you have effective hand dryers or paper towel dispensers on hand for guests and employees to use. Old, inefficient hand dryers can lead to users not staying around to dry their hands which can lead to the spread of germs. Consider replacing your hand dryers with the latest eco-friendly alternatives that can dry hands fast such as the Dyson 9kJ to encourage the flow of people.

Hand washing is of course important too so fitting your washrooms with soap dispensers that are stocked and can prevent cross-contamination is essential. As your guests and employees may be conscious about touching door handles after washing hands, consider switching to sensor operated doors or placing hand sanitiser dispensers outside washrooms as a further preventative measure.

Switching to automatic dispensers and fittings where possible to minimise touch can also help and will mean your washroom users don’t have to use the old elbow trick when opening cubicle doors and operating flush handles. And, as a bonus, automatic dispensers can help your business save money on consumables as just the right amount of product is dispensed each time, avoiding waste.

Installing toilet seat cleaner in guest bathrooms and communal washrooms can help to elevate hygiene and show guests you care. Toilet seat cleaner isn’t often provided however it can instil confidence and provide a better experience overall.

Place Hand Sanitiser in the Right Locations

Most businesses now supply hand sanitiser as standard but have you thought about where your dispensers should go? Fitting hand sanitiser dispensers in the right locations can promote proper use. Consider high-traffic and shared spaces including outside lifts and in reception areas, both at entrance points and by the desks themselves.

More guidance on where to place hand sanitiser in your hotel can be found in this blog. 

Offer Contactless Check In

Purposefully reducing the number of times guests are required to touch objects and equipment during their stay shows that you have thought about hygiene and the wellbeing of your guests. Offering contactless check-in whereby guests use their mobile phones limits interactions with others while also enhancing the guest experience by offering a simple, more streamlined check-in/check-out process.

Up the Cleaning Across Your Hotel

Implementing an enhanced cleaning programme elevates your hotel’s cleanliness levels and work keeping all who come and go safe. From lift buttons to cleaning kettles in rooms, devise a cleaning schedule that your staff can work towards and ensure all items in bedrooms are cleaned and disinfected properly between guest visits.

Items and surfaces in guest rooms you should be cleaning include:
•    Air conditioning units
•    Toilets
•    Flush handles
•    Urinals, baths
•    Taps
•    Soap dispensers
•    Hand dryers
•    Television remotes
•    Bedside tables
•    Wardrobe hangers
•    Light switches
•    Plug sockets
•    Coffee machines
•    Door handles
•    Fridges
•    Tables
•    Clocks

Make sure to review your cleaning schedules for the communal areas of your hotel. Devise a daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedule that takes into consideration which items and surfaces need to be cleaned and when it needs to happen. Displaying cleaning schedules (that employees must sign off on completion) visible to guests can instil confidence that you are implementing the right measures to keep people safe.

Make Sure to Use the Correct Cleaning Products and Equipment

In line with increasing levels, it’s important that you are using the correct tools and products to do the job properly. Without the proper equipment, the cleaning you perform may be ineffective at actually removing dirt, dust, bacteria and other viruses that live on surfaces and objects across your hotel.

Consider Professional Disinfection

When used in conjunction with enhanced cleaning programmes, professional disinfection solutions can work to eliminate bacteria and viruses found on surfaces and equipment that may be otherwise difficult to tackle. Professional disinfection provides an additional layer of protection and can ensure your hotel really is clean.

Use a Booking System for the Use of Fitness and Spa Facilities

While social distancing isn’t something that is necessarily here to stay, you still may want to consider setting allocated time slots for guests to book on to when using your hotel’s fitness and/or spa facilities. This allows you to control the number of people using the facilities at any given time, which can reduce the spread of germs, avoid a crowded gym floor and provide a better experience for your guests. Between time slots, you can set a rota to ensure equipment is wiped down before the next guests arrive.

Go Digital

Since the pandemic, many businesses have used the power of technology to adapt and operate and as a result, businesses have realised the importance of digital as it’s since opened up an array of opportunities. For hotels, thinking about where you can digitize items is one way to improve the guest experience and be more hygienic in the process as it avoids guests touching items that may be used frequently. From using contactless check-in to replacing menus with digital versions, there are a number of ways to ‘go digital.’ You could even consider introducing systems whereby guests can operate light controls and air conditioning through their phones too. The possibilities are endless.

Use Air Care

Smell is a powerful sense that can evoke emotion. Unpleasant smells in common areas and bedrooms can lead to negative perceptions about your hotel and therefore, it’s important to take smell seriously to improve the guest experience. However, while air fresheners can help to create a pleasant-smelling environment, to take hygiene to the next level, consider installing air purification units. Unlike air fresheners, they work to remove bacteria, germs and other microbes from the air for better air quality. These units can be installed anywhere including rooms, restaurants, washrooms and conference rooms.

Partner with a Professional Hygiene Services Company

One of the easiest ways to ensure your hotel is as safe as possible is to partner with a professional hygiene services company. An experienced company will have the knowledge on what steps you can take to elevate your hotel’s hygiene with the right solutions, taking into consideration your business’ needs and budget.

To ensure your hygiene standards don’t slip and your hotel is set up for success both now and in the future, why not look to Citron Hygiene for help? We are currently offering free facility hygiene consultations where we will visit your premises and offer recommendations on what steps you can take to enhance current measures in your hotel.

Book your free hygiene consultation to get started. 

Want More Tips for Your Hotel?

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