The Little Luxuries That Make A Big Difference To Your Washroom


There are washrooms…and there are washrooms. If you’ve ever found yourself desperately avoiding the dubious looking cubical door handle or trying to avoid breathing in the stale aroma, you know just how bad it is for business – any business – to have less than scrupulously clean facilities.

From hotels, hospitals and care-homes to cinemas, shops and swimming pools, we all know what an impact the cleanliness and appearance of the washrooms can have on one’s reputation.  Let’s not forget that many of us also spend long hours in the workplace so, whilst it seems like a trivial subject, a clean and hygienic washroom really does matter.

Thankfully, most companies recognise that people want  – and expect – a decent washroom but there are some extra luxuries that help take your washroom from good to great, creating the best possible experience for anyone using your facilities.

Beautiful Design

Your washroom is the one area everyone can access, from visitors to staff to customers.  It gets a lot more attention than you might think! A great looking, clean washroom sends an important message about the state of your business so it’s no wonder that washrooms can now look more state-of-the-art than bog standard.

Washroom design has come a long way and these days it is now possible to ensure every scrap of space is maximised, such as sleek fitting hand dryers that work from every angle and compact Sanitary Bins that tuck neatly into cubicles. Our range also comes in various coordinating colour options to add that extra special look to your washroom.

Discreet Feminine Hygiene

No-one wants to see dirty hand-towels or used tissues so bins that tidy away the mess are a popular choice in washrooms. Sanitary waste does, of course, have to be disposed of separately to general waste.  It’s worth asking whether your service provider exchanges the whole unit or just the liner. Replacing the entire unit will ensure a professionally sanitised and more hygienic option.

Fresh Smelling

Lingering, unpleasant smells are a sure-fire way to give your washroom a less than perfect reputation. There are simple and discreet solutions that don’t just mask bad smells but actively work to prevent them from happening in the first place.  Our sanitary units are charged with Activap, for example, a clever germicide that tackles and destroys 99.999% of bacteria – which create the bad smell in the first place.

A pleasant fragrance is an affordable ‘luxury’ that helps set the right impression for your washroom users.  Whilst some fragrances can be unpleasantly overpowering, Citron Hygiene’s Seasons Fragrance unit releases a range of subtle scents to suit male and female washrooms.  For super-smelling washrooms, an air purifying system will ensure surface and airborne bacteria and viruses are stopped in their tracks, too. CitronClear kills 99.5% of bacteria so not only do your washrooms smell great but they also protect your users from unwanted bugs and germs.

The Best Toilet Paper

It’s one of those things you think people don’t notice but they do!  Thin, cheap toilet paper doesn’t only look and feel less comfortable to use but it’s actually false economy. Today there is a real plethora of paper to choose from for various levels of usage but if you buy cheap toilet paper, you will inevitably use more. Not convinced? Check out this survey of the top false economies.

We believe in providing premium paper to drive efficiency.  By selecting the right washroom dispenser and, more importantly, the best toilet paper your choice will please your washroom users and positively affect your bottom line!

Touch Free Controls

The ultimate in hygiene and safety, touch free controls reduce hand-to-surface contamination thereby reducing the risk of illness.  No more wrestling with on-off buttons on hand-dryers or trying to dispense soap.  Touch free is a great way to being germ free!

Luxury hand wash

Who wants to be faced with crusty bars of old soap or dripping soap dispensers? Fresh smelling, foaming hand soap that dispenses easily without any mess helps keep your washroom pristine and leaves people with clean, soft hands.

What’s obvious from all these nifty solutions is that there really isn’t any excuse these days to have a less than perfect washroom – one that people know is well maintained and serviced and leaves them in no doubt that their comfort and well-being is taken very seriously. What could be better than that?

Find out how we can help elevate your washroom experience. Talk to us.

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