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Choosing the Best Hand Dryer For Your Business

Clean, properly washed hands are imperative for good hygiene practice but did you know that moist or damp hands are much more likely to spread germs than dry ones?

Clean, dry hands is the best way to stop germs

Washing hands with warm water and soap or an alcohol solution dramatically reduces the threat of germs, but unless they are quickly and efficiently dried, the risk of bacteria remains. In fact, damp hands spread a 1000 times more bacteria than dry hands*

This is why fast and efficient hand-dryers that get the job done quickly are so vital for controlling germs and bacteria. It’s no good if people walk away from the dryer with damp hands because the dryer was old, noisy and took too long!

How to Choose the Right Hand Dryer

Hand dryers offer a fast, effective solution but it’s important to select the right dryer for your business. Each business has different requirements and Citron Hygiene, thanks to its proven track record in hygiene products and services, knows that drying hands is also a personal choice for every individual.

For example, if accessibility is a key issue, choosing a dryer that has dual sensors that enables the user to insert hands from the top or the side is a clear advantage. 

When you consider that most illnesses are spread by dirty hands, a touch-free dryer that starts and stops automatically when hands are inserted or placed underneath is an essential feature. No more grappling with on/off buttons with soggy hands!

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Warm air or Fast Air?

All dryers use air but, when it comes drying quickly, it’s the speed of the air that is actually the critical bit. That’s why it’s important to look for terms like ‘high velocity’ because it means the air-flow is sufficient enough to dry hands, without excessive amounts of energy also being used to heat the air. These high velocity dryers are therefore much more energy efficient; they minimise hand-drying time which is good news for users and great news for businesses.

Available Space

Every washroom is different and for many businesses space is a key issue when it comes to installing a hand dryer. It makes sense to choose a compact design that can be easily installed into limited spaces without compromising on the performance of the product. The Citron Pebble Mini, for example, is compact enough to be flexibly used in tight spaces, yet it still dries hands in under 12 seconds: perfect for busy washrooms.

Cost Efficient, Energy Efficient

Citron appreciates that whilst businesses want a fast hand dryer, they also have concerns about energy consumption and associated cost. So, if speed is of the essence, it’s worth considering a high-velocity air dryer, like the Dyson 9kJ that uses a 650W motor to dry hands in just 10 seconds. Businesses can rest assured that they are providing a fast, effective hand-drying service whilst keeping their energy consumption in check.

For those organisations where energy efficiency is paramount, it’s good to know that hands can still be quickly dried with a hands under hand dryer that uses just 300W, helping companies do their bit for the environment whilst keeping tabs on cost at the same time. (Pebble) 

* Patrick, D.R., Findon, G. & Miller, T.E. (1997). Residual moisture determines the level of touch-contact associated bacterial transfer following hand washing. Epidemiology & Infection, 119, (3), 319-32

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