It’s Time To Go Green With Modern Hand Dryers

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Technology is constantly improving whether it be cars, phones or hand dryers. Modern day commercial hand dryers are much more efficient than previous models. If your company washrooms are currently using old, inefficient hand dryers then it could be time to consider an upgrade and you may be surprised by just how many benefits a modern low energy hand dryer can have for a business.

The Benefits of Energy Efficient Hand Dryers

Reduced Running Costs

Modern hand dryers such as the Citron Pebble Hand Dryer use less energy and are actually more effective at drying your hands than older models. Using less electricity means reduced running costs and greater effectiveness at drying hands. Wet or damp hands spread germs quickly, so ensuring effective hand drying means a reduction in the spread of germs around the workplace. This can help to reduce illness in the office and therefore increase staff productivity.

Automatic Operation

Most modern hand dryers now operate via a sensor system to turn them on, rather than a button, meaning they are only active when someone is using them, which is another important energy saving solution. This touch free operation method is also much more hygienic for users.

Highly Reliable

Hand dryers are also now much more reliable, require less maintenance and are designed to be used frequently. Your company’s washroom says a lot about your business and is likely to be used on a regular basis by staff and visitors. Make sure your business is giving the right impression by installing effective hand drying solutions that do not force people to dry their hands on their clothes!

Low Energy Hand Dryers

Installing eco-friendly hand dryers in your businesses commercial washrooms can save money in the long term and deliver a highly effective hand drying experience. When choosing a low energy hand dryer, it is important to look out for a low power usage (below 1000W) and a short drying time.

Installing a Citron hand dryer can reduce hand drying costs by 80%. 

The compact Pebble Mini is also highly economical, operating at just 400W and dries hands in just 12 seconds. These hand dryers are stylish and take very little time to install, so your washroom can be back up and running in no time.

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Is It Time To Upgrade Your Hand Dryers?

Older hand dryers use far too much energy to dry hands. Modern hand dryers use less energy, which can lead to significant savings on running cost, as well as benefiting the environment. Find out more about upgrading your washrooms hand dryers to more energy efficient hand drying options from Citron Hygiene. 

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