How to Save Money with Eco-Friendly Hand Dryers

Woman drying hands with the Dyson Airblade V

Committing to a more sustainable future is something we all have to do. The Greening Government Commitments show that a focus on environmentally friendly and sustainable practices is vital to protect the planet and our futures. This is also at a time when the unprecedented cost of energy and fuel is leaving business owners with hard decisions to make. There is no energy price cap for businesses and, with residential energy prices set to rise by an average of 80% on 1st October 2022, business owners will be looking for ways to save. Investing in eco-friendly and energy-efficient solutions such as modern hand dryers is one way to reduce your outgoings.

How will eco-friendly hand dryers reduce your business costs?

Commercial washrooms are almost always fitted with electric hand dryers. Modern models are both hygienic and efficient and can lower your day-to-day business costs. It is important to look for newer, eco hand dryer models as older counterparts can run up high electricity costs, something no one wants to deal with in the current climate.
Hand dryers installed by Citron Hygiene can reduce your business costs in several ways:

Running costs

Our hand dryers take just 10 to 12 seconds to dry your hands and, the running costs are lower than alternatives. Newer eco hand dryers are built with efficiency in mind, and over time are cheaper than supplying hand towels in your washrooms. You may never have considered the cost of paper towels per year, but when you add up the price of purchase, and the time for re-stocking and maintaining supply, it is a significant outlay.
With a hand dryer, the only running cost is the time used.

Energy use

Modern eco-friendly hand dryers are quick and use very little electricity to efficiently dry hands. Paper hand towels use energy when manufactured and shipped, and create a large amount of waste which needs to be transported. Automatic hand dryers are the clear winner in energy conservation.

Environmental cost

When supplying your washrooms with paper towels, you have to consider the cost to the environment. Trees are chopped down and this is only sustainable if new trees are planted every time paper towels are produced. Using paper products in business environments is becoming less and less popular due to the environmental impact. We’ve partnered with reputable manufacturers such as Dyson and Velair to supply hand dryers that are kind to the environment. In fact, the Pebble Hand Dryer produces 90% less CO² compared to other hand dryers on the market.

Other benefits of modern hand dryers

Modern hand dryers can have a positive impact on your bottom line but there are plenty of other benefits to going green and investing in eco-friendly hand dryers including:

Maintain the flow of traffic in your washroom

Modern hand dryers are designed with efficiency and speed in mind.  Long queues in washrooms can be minimised as people can quickly and efficiently go about their business. As we’ve already discussed, our hand dryers can fully dry in just 10 to 12 seconds whereas older models can take up to 40 seconds or more. Convenience is key in areas such as the washroom so speeding up the process will always go down well with visitors.

Show you care about the environment

75% of adults in the United Kingdom worry about climate change and showing your business cares about the environment will not go unnoticed. Customers are becoming more discerning when making purchasing decisions, and eco-credentials are more important than they used to be. Investing in eco-friendly solutions is something your customers will appreciate and shows your commitment to a greener future.

Highly reliable

Modern dryers are built to last with minimal maintenance. They are simple to operate but also sturdy and robust. This ensures a highly reliable addition to your washrooms, with no concerns about supply cutting out or, like with paper solutions, running out of towels.


Most modern hand dryer designs offer automatic operation, ideal in a world where hygiene has become a priority. Hand dryers are much more hygienic and produce no waste, rubbish overload or risk of cross-contamination. Touch-free models are activated by sensors and minimise any need to push buttons or come into contact with any unnecessary surfaces where bacteria and germs can build up.


The deafening hum of the hand dryer is absolutely a thing of the past. Upgrading to modern eco-friendly hand dryer models ensures no excessive noise, ideal for all environments especially where you have younger guests. Our hand dryers are extremely quiet to ensure no unnecessary noise or disruption for your customers.

Eco-friendly hand dryers

Citron Hygiene has a wide range of high-quality, low energy hand dryers available in our range. We stock the technologically-advanced Dyson Airblade 9kJ and Airblade V Hand Dryer models.

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