Don’t Use Baskets: Use a Period Product Dispenser Instead

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In August 2022, the Scottish Government passed the new Period Product Law, stipulating that local authorities and educational establishments must provide free tampons and sanitary pads in washrooms. This law was introduced in a bid to tackle period poverty and many other businesses are taking action by providing free products in their washrooms too.

Whilst the new law states that period products should be provided in washrooms, there is no clear guidance on the best way to provide them. Whether you’re a local authority in Scotland or a UK business looking to offer free period products, this blog will explain the best way to supply these.

What’s the problem with baskets or boxes?

Since the law was introduced, many businesses are providing free period products in baskets or boxes, placed either in cubicles or on washroom shelves. Whilst this may seem like the easy option, it does come with several issues:

Increases usage

Whilst you will be providing the products for free, openly displaying tampons and pads in baskets may increase usage as they are so easy to grab and go. This may leave other washroom users without essentials in an emergency, and it will be costly to keep stocking up on products.

Difficult to monitor usage

It’s difficult to keep track of the number of period products used in a day when storing them in a basket. This could leave you without stock, resulting in non-compliance with the new law.

Increases cross contamination

Having all products out in the open will increase the likelihood of cross contamination of pathogens, viruses and other nasty bacteria.  People’s hands will be reaching in and out of the basket, and if people haven’t washed their hands properly this will lead to an increased spread of germs.

Creates clutter

The basket could be knocked over, which could create a messy washroom if it is not being regularly monitored.

The benefits of closed pad and tampon dispensers

A closed pad and tampon dispenser is a far more practical solution to provide free period products in your washroom. A closed dispenser will keep products neatly stored away and allow washroom users to take exactly what they need, and the type of product they feel most comfortable with. This will help to minimise waste, over-use, and costs, as your business can reduce the purchase frequency. It also makes the product more visible, in a prominent location on the wall, with a display window so your staff and visitors can see what is available to them.

Installing a period product dispenser will reduce cross-contamination in your washrooms as the dispensers can be regularly wiped down with anti-bacterial or anti-viral cleaning products. Products will only be handled by the end-user too. This will reduce any risk of infection transmission between washroom users.

Offering period products via a dispenser will also demonstrate an extra level of care to your washroom users. It is standard practice in most commercial washrooms to provide soap dispensers and toilet paper dispensers, shouldn’t the provision of period product dispensers be standard practice too?

Provide Aunt Flow free-vend menstrual product dispensers

Why not go that one step further and install the Aunt Flow menstrual product dispenser in your business washroom? Installing Aunt Flow dispensers in your washrooms will provide free tampons and pads to those who need them, supporting Period Dignity and menstrual equity. You’ll also be helping to combat period poverty as for every 10 products sold, Aunt Flow donates 1 period product to menstruators in need.

Aunt Flow is a sustainable solution too, in comparison to most other dispensers out there. All Aunt Flow tampons and pads are made with 100% cotton, with no added synthetics or chemicals. This reduces the impact that menstrual waste has on the environment.

Citron Hygiene offers a reliable restocking service on predetermined schedule of your choosing. That way, your washroom users will always have access to the products they need. Provide a more considerate and inclusive washroom by getting a quote for Aunt Flow, today.

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