How To Be More Eco Friendly in Your Hotel: 10 Ways

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Sustainable tourism is not only a rising trend but a necessity in this day and age. In fact, a report from revealed how almost three-quarters of travellers (72%) believe we need to act now and begin making sustainable travel choices to help save the planet for future generations. Over half the jet setters around the world have proven to be more determined in making more sustainable travel choices then they were even a year ago suggesting more and more consumers are choosing to engage in an eco-conscious way of living and travelling!

Hotels and other types of accommodation within the hospitality industry contribute 2% of the 5% global CO2 emission by the tourism sector. Thousands of hotels around the world produce an infinite amount of waste and pollution, in addition to many other things.

10 Green Initiatives to Become a More Sustainable Hotel

In order to stand out amongst your competitors, and have a huge impact on the environment, choose to go green. To continue to grown, it’s vital that your hotel adopts a sustainable culture in order to stay attractive and competitive.

There’s no time like the present to start making eco-friendly changes that can benefit your business, your guests and the environment with these top 10 tips.

1. Reduce Your Plastic Use

Each hotel room is heavily reliant on plastic: shampoo & conditioner bottles, body wash packages, coffees and all the extra modern amenities. Every day, a staggering 8 million pieces of plastic find their way into our beautiful oceans affecting our waterways and creatures who rely on water to live.

One way to limit your hotel’s negative impact on the environment is to reduce plastic use and waste. Consider using recyclable and biodegradable packaging that will cause less damage to the environment and aim to use other materials that can be re-used from guest to guest reducing unnecessary waste. Another simple way to reduce plastic use is to get rid of single-use shampoo and conditioner amenity bottles. Yes, you still need to offer amenities to deliver a great guest experience, but it doesn’t have to cost the environment and your guest will also thank for it. Consider cartridge or bulk-fill solutions.

10 ways to go green in your hotel

 2. Change Your Menu Up a Little

Providing delicious, organic and healthy cuisine at your hotel should be a primary focus. What better way to attract eco-minded travellers and encourage your guests to immerse into your local culture, all whilst minimising food waste?

Sourcing local, organic food locally can reduce your business’ carbon footprint in addition to it having more beneficial nutrients, such as antioxidants, which you can promote to your guests. Perhaps this could encourage visitors to start considering the food they eat as you implement an organic diet during their stay. By offering locally produced, eco-friendly food you’ll be providing the freshest ingredients and with the guarantee of a pollution-free menu.

3. Limit Water Waste

Most studies indicate hotels use between 100 and 200 gallons of freshwater per occupied guestroom per day. This means 36,500 to 73,000 gallons of water per room per year. Now consider how many hotels there are in the world – that’s an astonishing amount of water waste. Water is a limited resource and therefore every hotel needs to play its part in limiting as much waste as we can.

Start transitioning to low water laundry machines, minimise water usage from swimming pools and install intelligent water management solutions. As well as saving water, this, in turn, will effectively reduce energy consumption thus helping you save money through simple sustainable practices.

Citron Hygiene water management dripping tap next to calculator with £

How does your water use add up?

See how much you could save by installing water management solutions in your washroom

4. Utilise Eco-friendly Cleaning Supplies

Your cleaning supplies ensure your property meets the highest expectations. Imagine using supplies that benefit the environment as well as your hotel standards! It’s a simple way to create a safer, environmentally friendly, and hygienic, property. You’d be surprised at how much this means to guests as people are becoming more aware of the impact harmful substances have on us and the world we live in.

Stock your cleaning supplies up with goods that are beneficial to your staff, guests and help your reputation as a leader in the green hospitality movement.

5. Switch to Energy Efficient Lighting

Changing your lighting and controls can have a huge impact on the environment as well as your hotels spending. By switching to low energy lighting, you can use up to 80% less energy, produce less heat and gain around 50,000 hours of light.

Also, consider utilising controls that switch off lights when your guests leave the room. There’s a lot of energy wasted when lights are left on. Some lighting can be operated at the front desk which means you can easily manage and control the usage when needs be.

6. Start a Roof Top Garden

Green roofs are energy efficient, so why not plant one!

Planting a stylish new rooftop garden in an urbanised area benefits your guests, attracts visitors and is totally environmentally friendly. On average, one hotel room per night emits 31.1kg of carbon – even a small rooftop garden can begin to counteract your hotel’s large carbon footprint as well as providing a space for guests to relax, enjoy and perhaps even dine.

With the views and atmosphere as a bonus, this would be a great asset to your hotel. Attract eco-conscious travellers and be known for your beautiful rooftop space.

7. Guests Can Re-use Linen

This is the perfect solution to reducing water and energy waste. Guests don’t need towels, sheets and bedding washed after every single use so why not encourage them to re-use. Travellers are increasingly becoming more aware of the small eco-friendly changes they can contribute to and therefore wouldn’t hesitate to agree with your suggestions. This will allow your staff to cut back on using washing machines and electric dryers, helping the environment tremendously.

8. Make Eco-Friendly Changes in Your Washroom

Don’t forget about your washrooms!

Great ways to go green in a hotel can be found in its washrooms. From installing eco-friendly hand dryers to water-saving urinal solutions and motion sensor taps, going green can not only save the environment but also save you money – it’s a win-win.

Discover more ways you can develop eco-friendly washrooms within your hotel.

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Take a look around…

Use our virtual washroom to see how our solutions will elevate your washroom experience

9. Recycle

Use resources efficiently in your hotel. Reduce your environmental impact by recycling the waste that you use. You could recycle glass bottles, jars, cardboard, plastic bottles, food and drink cans, electrical items and more. Consider setting up a recycling scheme within your hotel, simply starting with labels, arranging collections, employee training etc.

Aim to make recycling a standard procedure in your hotel and your guests will follow. Environmentally friendly travellers will always be willing to be a part of your efforts to change and help to the environment.

10. Encourage Your Guests to Play Their Part

Last, but most definitely not least, get your guests on board!

If your hotel is already promoting a sustainable, green culture many of the guests you attract will be drawn to that aspect as we are all wanting to make the world a safer, eco-friendlier place to be.

Make recycling bins available to guests, encourage them to re-use linen, request that they unplug appliances and switch lights off when they aren’t in use. Most importantly ask for feedback and suggestions. Your guests will have plenty of ideas for you to take a hold of and improve your environmental effort’s. All these small changes are what will eventually make big differences.

Citron Hygiene’s Eco-Friendly Hotel Solutions

It’s clear that implementing eco-friendly practices within your hotel is increasingly becoming a customer expectation, as opposed to a preference. In fact, a recent study by revealed that 76% of travellers would be more likely to book a hotel if it was certified as green, and an additional 43% of respondents said they would be willing to pay more for their stay. Therefore, going green is in everyone’s best interest.

At Citron Hygiene, we can elevate your hotel washroom experience through the use of the highest-quality, sustainable solutions.


A bad smelling washroom can lead to a negative perception of your hotel. Whilst you may have considered the use of air fresheners to minimise this, have you thought about the impact that aerosols can have on the environment? Aerosols can affect the climate just as strongly as greenhouse gases, just in a different way.  So, how do you reduce odour in a sustainable way? Fortunately, there’s a solution.

The EcoAire air care system from Citron Hygiene uses passive technology, that is effectively distributed through natural air flow. The special slatted design allows for optimum air movement around the refill without the use of aerosols or propellants. Improve your indoor air quality and make the switch away from aerosol air fresheners in your establishment today.



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Aunt Flow is the most efficient solution to provide menstrual products for free to your hotel’s washroom users. Not only does Aunt Flow help to tackle the period poverty crisis and create an inclusive experience for your hotel guests, but it also plays its part in caring for the planet. It is estimated that an average of 500 million sanitary products end up in landfill every month, with period products amongst one of the most common types of waste found in landfills. Opt for a greener choice with Citron Hygiene.

Awarded the 2023 Metsa Tissue Inaugural Sustainability Award, Aunt Flow’s pads and tampons are made with 100% organic cotton (no synthetics, chemicals or dyes). Plus, the cartridges and individual wrappers are designed to use minimum packaging. In all, Aunt Flow products reduce waste by an impressive 25% compared to other brands.

Discover Aunt Flow. 

Citron Hygiene’s Social Values & Environmental Responsibility

At Citron Hygiene, our respect for the environment is deeply embedded in our company practices and in the services and products we deliver. Our goal is to be a leader in the area of sustainability and environmental responsibility for our industry and to help the businesses we serve be leaders in theirs. From our intelligent water management system that helps reduce waste of scarce resources, to our comprehensive recycling programme, you can rest assured that when you choose Citron Hygiene as your washroom hygiene partner, the environment is at the forefront of what we deliver.

Find out more about our corporate social values and ongoing sustainability efforts.

Take Sustainable Steps in Your Hotel Today

There are countless ways of making your hotel more eco-friendly that can positively impact your guests, your business and ultimately our environment. Consider what changes your business can make now and take action today.

Here at Citron Hygiene, we care about the environment and can help your hotel business be more sustainable. Contact our team today on 08000 66 55 52 or use the contact form below to find out how we can support your business with our range of eco-friendly solutions.

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