The Aerosol Switchover


Social Values & Environmental Impact

Aerosols are commonplace in the washroom, but they contain harmful ingredients and Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that cause damage to human health and the environment.  Due to these negative impacts, Citron Hygiene has decided to stop selling and servicing aerosol fragrances completely by the end of 2024. The switchover is quick and can be done without any disruption to the washroom. 

What are aerosols

Aerosols are tiny particles that are suspended in the air in spray or can form. They can be things like deodorant, cigarette smoke and air fresheners. Human-made aerosols are another form of aerosols created by pollution from power plants and cars.

What are VOCs

Chlorofluorocarbons (AKA CFCs) were once commonly used in aerosols but were found to cause significant damage to the ozone layer in the upper atmosphere. Since being banned, many people have been led to believe that this has eliminated the damage that aerosols have on the environment. Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple.

The chemicals now used in compressed aerosols are predominantly made up of VOCs. A study from the University of York revealed that aerosol products now emit more harmful VOC air pollution than all the vehicles in the UK. VOCs are a precursor to toxic smog. Not only can toxic smog within enclosed spaces lead to damaging human health effects ranging from headaches to cancer but when released outside, they can react with secondary pollutants to create small particulate matter, which has devastating effects on wildlife and agriculture.

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Why Switch?

  • Poor indoor air quality can lead to health issues like headaches, fatigue, and respiratory problems.
  • On the other hand, good indoor air quality can enhance cognitive function, improve focus, and boost overall productivity.
  • Whilst aerosol cans themselves typically use recyclable materials such as tinplated steel and aluminium, the leftover materials inside the cans pose more of a threat if not disposed of correctly.
  • Direct exposure to VOCs in aerosols can be harmful to human health.
  • Aerosol pollution contributes to your carbon footprint.

EcoAire - the environmentally friendly solution

The EcoAire air care system uses passive technology, that is effectively distributed through natural air flow. The special slatted design allows for optimum air movement around the refill without the use of aerosols or propellants. Passive technology is evolving with EcoAire, as it continually releases an odour neutralizing formula into the washroom environment.

ecoaire marble

Technical Specifications

  • A non-aerosol, multi-phasing technology neutralises malodours.
  • Continuous odour control 24 hours a day.
  • Fragrance Options: Choice of 4 fragrances (or fragrance free).
  • Dimensions: 144mm x 63mm x 70.1mm (H x W x D).
  • Power / Electrical: No batteries or power required.
  • Sustainability: Unit recycled at the end of useful life.

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